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"Sophia" #37......Hello there!
« on: July 15, 2006, 03:40:12 PM »
continued: Molly took charge....

She moved along, fearlessly with a full awareness of her surroundings, combing every
nook and cranny with eagle’s eyes. She carefully sorted out only the bare necessities, not taking even a sliver more of anything to weigh them down. If Penny found something she liked and
wanted it was fully judged and evaluated and reasoned out. She could have had no better
teacher. It was still summer and beautiful in this part of the country. There was plenty.
The bakery put out used goods early and they got theirs along with some other, peaceful,
early risers. They continued on, making their daily rounds. They didn't stop much except in
hidden places, mostly out in the fresh air; in some quiet, empty spots in a park. Sometimes they just rested a while in an abandoned building.The trick was to keep out of sight, being as ‘foxy’ as
they could; to  keep moving, if not hidden, not stopping or loitering long anywhere or
drawing attention to themselves. That was the trick Molly said, and Penny never forgot it.
You gotta keep moving and find a safe place at night. As the days got shorter and chill set
in at night Penny set her sight on going south. She had seen posters in the Travel agency
in Roanoke of Florida, way down south where it never got cold where there was an ocean
on both sides of the land and Palm trees and she was going there. The trip took almost a
year going on foot, railroad tracks and back-roads. They’d catch a ride with a trucker once
in a while and  sometimes got on a freight train for a stop or two, depending on the
conductor checking the box cars. Molly knew her way around most anywhere and
maneuvered Penny, teaching her the ropes. They slept in barns on cold nights and
sometimes stayed for days out of the bitter cold, eating bits off the land or just sucking on
some ice or water. Spring came and the South decked out in color that put an Artist to
shame. Wherever the seasons changed, they knew they had not arrived yet. The land
Penny was looking for was still not in sight. She knew that the seasons never changed there, it was forever summer. Even in the depth of despair and hunger she held on to her vision of going south. They arrived in the heat of summer.
Penny  had found some clothes in a pile of rags back of a thrift store, picked out the best
she could and a big shoulder bag. In it she had accumulated some personal women’s
things, a small towel, part of a good, strong brush for her hair, some string, a small,
partially blind hand mirror, a scarf and a pair of sturdy loafers. One thing she wanted
badly and hadn't found it yet. She kept on working through the piles of stuff people left at night at the back door of another thrift store. There it was way on the bottom of the container. It was a rare commodity, a tiny, tired pair of nail scissors. She could not have searched harder for a pearl. On the way in to the next town she found a pond and hung around till late at night, bathing by the light of the full moon.
She had what she needed, a bath, new clothes and scissors to cut her dark-blond hair with.
Like Molly’ was about her nails with her red polish and remover, so she was concerned about her hair not matting. Whenever her brush got stuck, she cut tiny bits of it off. There was always something to get somewhere down the road, and she usually found whatever she needed. She and Molly never quit talking, and that was the trouble. Penny never met anyone who didn’t stare at her and cut a way around her, pretending that everything was fine. They arrived almost a year after leaving
West Virginia, weather-beaten and grateful to be ’home.’ Penny’s was still young but her fair skin was changing from constant exposure and from the lack of cheap moisturizers she used to afford herself when she had her little jobs back home. She didn’t know what made her settle down, but she knew instantly when she arrived.
This was home and she had no desire to travel on. By this time they had been in the
Sunshine State for weeks, long enough to know how green the grass would be farther
down the road. The town was fair sized, adjacent to the international metropolitan city of
Miami with enough pickens to get by on with some hiding places and opportunities for
personal business. The beach was not far, about an hour’s walk at night but there were
parks close enough to where a beach bum could hang out and enjoy the endless view of
the ocean all day long. Street people didn’t go there much, except after dark, if they really
loved the water. The fear of getting out of the water and someone coming along, stealing
all they had, including the clothes on their backs kept them at bay...