Author Topic: Looking for Research Buddies/Collaborators.  (Read 842 times)

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Looking for Research Buddies/Collaborators.
« on: December 24, 2010, 09:36:14 AM »
Hello Fellow Writers,

I am a Blogger/Writer with several Theme specific (Happy Lifestyle) Blogs,
on various Topics like for example

the Writers Lifestyle,

and several other Happy Lifestyle topics like for example
the Travelers Lifestyle, the Healthy Lifestyle, the Home Business Lifestyle and
several other special Blogs. On most of them I also (pre) sell all kinds of
topic related products. (Affiliate Marketing) Currently on most of those Blogs I even do get some daily traffic already, and I even already receive some Comments on posts once in a while, only a lot of the visitors seem to be a little shy to actually write Comments on posts.

I think that it's just like with an 'Empty Restaurant' that people wouldn't be inclined to enter or stick around very long. Or possibly I just don't (yet) deliver any interesting enough posts for them....,


Either way I am looking for Writers that like to help build my On line Empire and help 
write Compelling Comments for my Blog(s) write interesting things that can complement the Posts, or give feedback about how it could be improved, or just some positive feedback would be welcome also. You can tell friends that you wrote a comment on one of the Blogs. Than possibly in a 'Phase II', I might actually invite some writers to do Guest Posts or for example be able to help Writers to give a Podium
for their Writing or something like that.   

When Money comes in....,    

Since I have Blogs where I (pre) sell products on through Affiliate Marketing, when the 'Empty Restaurant' happens to fill up and really begins to get some serious amount of traffic, and when this traffic happens to convert into an actual flow of money to my account, and if you happen to have a 'Donate Button' on your site. (btw I have one on my Writing Lifestyle Blog if you want to know what I am talking about.) and when there is actually a serious money coming in....,
forming a writers budget, I might be able to make one (or more) Blog(s) Selfsupporting enough to
actually be able to easily pay for Guest Posts.

All the Best,
To your Happy - Writing - Inspiration,

To your Happy<i> - Writing -</i> Inspiration,