Author Topic: First ~350 words of sci-fi comedy [an adult theme]  (Read 939 times)

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First ~350 words of sci-fi comedy [an adult theme]
« on: December 30, 2010, 06:49:09 AM »
Dr Andrews addressed the other two human anthropologists on the mission to study Homo Sapiens.

“The commander will be in soon. We should finish up our remaining questions and notes ready to take with us.”

Dr Andrews took his seat. He sat back at looked at planet Earth through the window of the spacecraft.

“I wonder about our very similar languages,” said Dr Grey, “do we have an idea of whether they are almost identical, or whether our mother tongue has advanced beyond theirs?”

Dr Sherlock answered. “Both our species seem to speak the same modern English. I don't think we should go down assuming old English, for example, during what they call the Middle Ages.”

“OK, we'll use modern English as we know it.” Dr Andrews paused for a moment, his finger on his bottom lip. “I wonder about their peculiar sexual habits.”

Dr Grey's face lit up. “Very interesting. The adolescent male of the species often attempts to inseminate a device called a toilet, apparently with the knowledge it will not result in any offspring.”

“You mean to say they mate just for the sake of it? Not to produce offspring?” Asked Dr Sherlock.

“Yes,” Answered Dr Grey, “I think they practice ready for the time they will mate with one another to create more offspring. It seems like they think it's good sport or something, you know, to amuse themselves with perhaps. It appears to be more popular than sport and other forms of entertainment.”

Dr Andrews changed the subject. “I think it's more important at the moment to learn more about their politics, something we haven't studied much.”

Dr Sherlock tapped a pen on the table. “Well, most of the time they have only two political parties that could form a government, a left and a right they're called. And only two political parties are supposed to represent the interests of millions of people in many cases.”

“Interesting.” Dr Andrews stood up again and paced around the room.
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Re: First ~350 words of sci-fi comedy [an adult theme]
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It opens up like an interesting story. I however suggest that you find a more attractive first sentence that will grab the attention of readers to read further. Otherwise the hangings scenes  are good and would keep me reading to discover more in the story. Wish you all the best.