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Masquerade Ball (part2)
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Outside the castle Ise stands wondering if she should go in or not, her hand resting against the wood of the black doors. The air chilling as night starts to close around her she chooses to try and walk back to her home. Goosebumps rising on her skin as she tries to stay warm in her nice dress by rubbing her arms. Going deeper into the woods she looks back the castle just slightly out of sight as Ise tries to go through the darkening woods. The cold air filling her lungs and chilling her skin Ise stops finding a small hiding spot to try and stay warm while she rests. Just outside of the castle a few of the lycans and vampires walk around intrigued by the scent of a human so far from her fellows. Going at a fairly fast pace they get close to Ise stopping just a few feet from where she sits hidden. The puff of breath as she breathed is shown in the air.
Cynric one of the more experienced male vampires walks slowly over her his slim figure masked beneath the leng black cloak that rests over his shoulders. Ise looks up seeing him standing almost right next to her. Jumping about half out of her skin she scrambles to her feet and runs past him tripping ever so slightly as her heart beats can be heard in her ears. Cynric just smirks turning to Darren the head Lycan as Ise runs off deeper into the woods.

"Go get the girl and bring her back to the castle. I shall be waiting there for you as will our King and Queen." Cynric announced to all of the lycans and vampires that had followed Cynric and Darren.

A small nod was all Darren gave as he shifted into what looks like a wolf. Taking a few others they run off in the direction of the girl. Branches and thorns tore at Ise's dress threatening to either tear it or keep her stuck. The cold air numbed her skin and body as she pressed on farther into the woods trying to get back to her home. It hadnít taken long for Darren and the ones that followed him to catch up to Ise. Teeth chattering and a few parts of her dress torn standing in a small clearing trying to figure out what to do as Darren shifts before her. Tall with an almost blouse like shirt on and deep colored pants he stands before her while the other lycans make a circle around her to make sure she doesn't try to run again. Terror builds within her as her heart races feeling as if it will jump out of her chest at any moment. Standing closer to her Darren stops while the others watch them both.

"Come back with us to the castle. You look like your freezing to death in that" His hand makes a vague sweep in front of her to indicate her dress.

"F-fine ill c-come back w-with y-you" she stuttered feeling that her body felt numb from the cold.

Darren's hand fell lightly on her skin as he felt how cold she was hearing the stutter in her words and the chatter in her teeth.

"She needs to get back quickly. Her skin is freezing cold and if I am correct she does not feel that right now." He almost barker at the others before turning his attention to Ise "I can carry you but in this form the walk would take forever. We are in a hurry I want you to get on my back when I shift. It will make the journey faster for all of us."

"A-alright I-I'll d-do it" Ise stuttered her body shivering from the cold.

The light breeze picking up the bottom of her dress a little as she climbs onto Darren's back finding his fur to be very soft and a bit warm. As soon as she gets on Darren takes off heading for the castle with those that came behind him. Ise holds on for dear life so she doesn't fall off as he moves quickly. The castle approaching in sight she shakes her head as she tries to make him stop running.

"Let me walk from here" She yelled making him stop right in his tracks.

Letting off a small growl he nods letting her off before he shifts back to human form. Ise walks as the castle is a few feet from them. Her body shivering uncontrollably as she walks the light wind making it difficult for her to move as she just wants to stop. Darren moves over picking her up in his arms to run with her to the castle as he doesn't wish to see such a lovely thing suffer. Cynric waits for them near the door just as Darren gets inside with Ise. Ise tries to control her shivering and chattering teeth as Cynric looks her over.

"Our King and Queen want to see her now" he announced just as Darren put her down on her own two feet.

With Cynric leading the way all three of them make their way to where King Alden and Queen Ember are located. Ise couldn't help but look around as they walked up to the wooden doors. Ise met the gaze of their King and Queen a little unsure why she did not run from what might happen. Cynric stopped just in front of them bowing a low bow as he speaks.

"Milord and Milady I have brought the human to you. We found her a few miles away from the castle." His voice seemed to echo in the big room.

Moving away from Ise the King and Queen watch her while Rowan looks a little surprised to see her there. Ise looks at the floor a little unsure of what they would want with her.

"Why have you come here child?" King Alden asked looking her over.

"I-I had followed a boy here" She stuttered trying to keep her shivering under control.
Queen Embers hand went to King Alden's forearm as she speaks softly to him.

"My darling I believe this is the human that Rowan had met" she smiled to Ise.

Alden grunted slightly as Ise tried to not shiver but couldn't help it. Her body couldn't warm quickly enough for her so it shivered. Queen Ember rose from her seat seeing her shiver uncontrollably. Wearing a fairly long floor length dress that was a deep crimson red with a little gold trim around her waist and sleeves her long white hair running down to her waist as she approaches Ise. Ember stood fairly taller than Ise as she took her hand and touched the young girl's skin.

"My dear you are freezing cold" she spoke her words smooth and comforting as her hand warmed against Ise's frozen skin.

"I-I k-know m-ma'am" she stuttered trying to not shiver.

Ember gently pulled Ise to her trying to warm the girl. Seeing her dress slightly ripped and torn.

"Why don't we go see if we can find you something to eat and get you warm with some different clothes" Ember softly and gently told her.

Ise nodded while being led by Ember off into the castle happy for the slight warmth she was receiving from the woman whom held onto her by her shoulder. Ember took her to a room and had Ise sit down near the fire place to try and warm her. The queen went to the closet and picked out a nice dress for her. A floor length dress with a corset dark in color but it didn't matter to Ise what she wore just as long as she could get warm. The queen smiled just as Ise spoke.

"That's very pretty" she said pointing to the dress.

"I am glad you like it. This is what you shall be wearing." The queen answered "Are you warm my dear?"

"Yes ma'am I am warm now. I am happy to be warm and not have my body shiver" Ise answered softly.

"Good if you wish I could help you or have one of the others come in and help you put this on" Ember smiles gesturing to the dress.

"I-I would like someone else to help me with that" she blushed softly.

"Alright my dear as you wish. I shall send Luella in to help you. I shall return to check and see how you are doing" she answered heading to the door just as a girl walked in.
Luella smiled to her as she went over to the bed and gestured for Ise to come and get dressed. Ise gets up from the warm fire and walks over to the girl.

"Why must i be helped into this dress?" Ise asked a little shyly

"Well it is because this dress laces up in the back with the corset" Luella smiles holding up the dress.

Ise nods softly while unzipping her dress and letting it slide off her slim body. Luella steps closer to her pulling the dress over her head and having her turn around she starts to lace up the corset of the dress causing Ise's small slender figure to go a bit smaller. A small gasp escapes past Ise's lips causing Luella to stop pulling the strings so tightly as she reaches the top. Ise's long dark red hair draped down over her shoulders as she turns to look in the mirror to see how she looked. Luella smiles looking at her in the mirror trying to control herself in hearing the heartbeat of Ise as she knows that this young girl is just a mortal but she obeys in leaving her be as her King and Queen are a little unsure of her just yet.

"Like how you look?" Luella asks softly

"Yes this dress is very stunning" Ise answers softly "itís like nothing I have ever had."

"you look very lovely in it and i believe that you are quiet hungry are you not?" she asked questioningly.

"Yes I would very much like something to eat" Ise answered as she shifted where she stood.
Luella nods turning to the door and walking Ise down to the kitchen to get her a decent meal to eat. The vampire just wished to stay and watch as Ise ate her food a little curious as to why she would follow a boy here to their home.

"Why did you follow him here?" Luella asked curiously

"H-he told me i could find something different here. Something that I desired." Ise answered feeling a little stupid on the answer she gave.

She nodded just listening to the girl as she tried to concentrate on her words and not her heart beat. The beat was so enticing to Luella just hearing it made her want to feed off the girl. She was unsure if her King and Queen would care or miss this girl that had followed him here and then tried to run. Luella couldnít help but want the warm sweet blood that coursed through Ise's veins.

Ise stopped talking to watch the interesting vampire that sat before her. Watching her intrigued by how she was listening to something else but the conversation. Ise shrugged and proceeded to stand up so she could go look around as she placed her hands on the metal chair arms and push herself up. She didnít notice that a small part of the metal had cut a line in the palm of her hand. Though it wasnít deep it still bled like anything else. Luella's senses clicked as she could smell the blood from the cut on Ise's hand. The scent brushed each of her senses as she got near the girl pulling her hand up to her mouth as she pushed her back down into her chair. Making each lick of blood send shivers down her spine as Ise watched a little shocked but after a few minutes she was trying to fight what was happening. A few moments of struggling left Ise feeling tired as she tried desperately to get free of the other girls grasp.
A noise very close to them made Luella jump dropping Ise's hand from her lips as she turned to see her Queen standing right next to them wanting an explanation for what was going on. Ise backed up as she watched the Queen and the younger vampire trying to explain herself. She thought she could back up a bit farther but there was a light touch on her shoulder as she turned around seeing Rowan right behind her. His hand light on her shoulder as Ise held her hand close to her trying to not drip any blood onto the floor. Hand still bleeding Rowan took Ise and lead her to a smaller room before having her sit down and wrapping her hand up.

"Thank you...f-for doing this" Ise stuttered slightly on the last part as she watched him.

"It isn't a problem. So I see you decided to see what i could give you that was different." Rowan answered tying the bandage on her hand.

"yes I-I wanted something different" Ise softly cooed the answer

Rowans eyes watched her seeing the slight shock in her eyes that she tried so hard to hide.

"Did you really want to be a part of this?" he asked hesitantly

"Yes I wanted something different and i found it" she answered honestly

He pondered it a moment as Ise watched him a little unsure if he would accept what she wanted. A nod was all that he gave as he stood taking her hand in his. A small clearing of the throat noise was made behind them causing Rowan to turn suddenly seeing his Queen in the doorway.

"M-my Queen how can i be of service to you?" he asked bowing a low as his hair sweeps into his face and touches the floor.

"I heard that this girl wishes to be with us. Is this true?" Queen Ember asks softly

"Yes Milady she does wish to become one of us" Rowans words were soft as a light snow in the winter.

"So be it then" Queen Embers words almost dripped off her lips as she speaks them.

Rowan nods taking Ise's hand again and leading her up the stairs to a great room that had depictions on the wall but Ise did not get enough time to see what they were as she was lead to the center of the room. The king and Queen both watching their every move as Rowan takes Ise and pushes her hair out of the way of her neck.

Ise stayed focused on the wall as Rowans fangs sink deep into her flesh. It didnít seem like a pinch as she cried out from the pain of her flesh breaking beneath his fangs. As he began to drain Ise he held her close to him one hand on her lower back and the other on her upper back keeping her steady. Everyone in the room watched as rowan did his first turning. Luella walked over and cupped Ise's face as she cried out wiping tears away from her cheeks.

"It will be over soon. I promise it will be over soon" she told her smiling and walking back over to her spot in the crowd.

Everyone could hear her slowing heart rate as Rowan slowly knelt down with her. After almost draining her completely Ise felt as if she was going to black out her heart beat very slow and her breathing shallow. Rowan pulled back from her neck taking his own wrist cut it and held it to Ise's lips for her to drink from him and replenish her blood. Ise drank feeling herself begin to get stronger with each passing moment. She pulled away from his wrist feeling replenished. Rowan smiled taking her hand and helping Ise to her feet. King Alden and Queen Ember both nodded their welcome to her as did the others in the room.

"Welcome to your new life Ise" Rowan spoke softly into her ear before kissing her ne
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