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The Night of the Pleasure Dome, Pt V
« on: July 11, 2006, 04:49:45 PM »
Well folks, what started out as a bit of reminscence for writing practice seems to have become a bit of a marathon! But fear not, just one more part to come after this. Might be a while though, I've got to think about the last bit, get the situation over as well as I can. So for now, here's part five...

“So,” he said with a shrug, “There doesn't seem much point in getting angry. I'll just pack this mess up, and come and join you for that brew”.
'That brew' was very welcome when he eventually got it. He'd packed the remnants of his tent away, moved his sleeping bag in to the Pasty, and joined the others in the dome, just in time for Vicki serving up food.

Fitting four people, with enough room to hold and eat a meal, into a two-man tent was not an easy task. It being a circular tent, the best they could manage was to sit one at each major compass point, forming a sort of square circle. Still howling, the wind seemed to be steadily increasing in intensity, and the rain, which had eased off while they erected the tents, had returned with renewed ferocity. As they finished the meal, a momentary lull in the rain hitting the tent coincided with a ripping sound from somewhere outside. Dave and Oliver looked at each other.

“That doesn't sound  good” said Oliver


Some shuffling of positions allowed them both to lean backwards out of opposite sides of the dome; it was with no surprise they saw one end of the pasty flapping about like a flag, the force of the wind having ripped off one of the two main guys. Squirming back into the dome and zipping up the doors, they looked at the girls.

“Well ladies, it looks like you've got a couple of unexpected guests for the night,” said Oliver.

Donning waterproofs once more, Dave and Oliver wriggled back out to pack up the pasty. Linda and Vicki meanwhile packed all the non essential items, rucksacks etc., into a survival bag, which was then placed just outside the dome, and weighted down with rocks. Dave noticed that it was only four feet from the stream, which had widened about two feet since their arrival. He also noted that the dome itself was only two feet away. Deciding to take a chance, he didn't mention this to the others.

It was now eight o'clock; only twelve hours to go before they could think of returning to civilisation, about five miles away. With only one serviceable tent between them, the trip had to be abandoned.  Re-forming their square circle as comfortably as they could, for a while they reminisced on old trips, particularly those of this term. Eventually Vicki suggested, as a silly game, that they think of songs for the occasion. 'Raindrops keep falling on my Head' and 'Singing in the Rain' made appearances, along with 'Storm in a teacup'. Linda suggested 'Anything by Wet Wet Wet', while Dave remembered that 'Frankie goes to Hollywood' had had an album by the name of 'Welcome to the Pleasure Dome'.

Around ten o'clock, having exhausted the stock of appropriate songs, they decided it was probably time for sleep. This wasn't going to be easy; Oliver observed that experience in Sardine packing might prove useful. They eventually managed some kind of order; their four sleeping bags were laid out, Dave and Linda's together facing one way, Oliver and Vicki's facing the other. As the girls bags were on the inside, this meant that  each had the pleasure of the other's feet in close proximity to her nose.

Dave wondered if the girls might consider it chivalrous of he and Oliver taking the outer positions next to the doors, as this meant that any rain that leaked in would land on them, not the girls. Maybe they did, but Dave had a far more selfish reason for taking the outside. It was already unpleasant in the dome; though the weather was bad, it wasn't cold, so with four bodies in the tent it had quickly become stifling. Hypothermia certainly wouldn't be an option tonight, though suffocation was a potential threat. Being next to the door meant he could easily stick his head out for some much needed fresh air.

And seeing as many of you have taken the trouble to read this, I promise I'll get back to reviewing some other posts this weekend.