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writing about events in ones life
« on: January 23, 2006, 09:29:31 PM »
I have plenty of ideas about what I want to write but how do you start it off.  Do I say I will write about this part of my life and do it? Do you do it in chronological order as it happened?  If it is about certain people do you write a separate book about that?  Or as I think, write about it all in a way that you remember it happening and see what comes out?
I have a sad story about a boy who was put into care (social services decided this was best for his mums sake and his family because he was so violent).  The events which happened next are quite volatile, suicide, arson, violence, possible abuse or both alchohol and drugs linked with sexual abuse, hate - all of which had a dramatic effect on this boys life even as a grown up with a ready made family, a wife and two of his own children.  How he really believed that it was all his mothers fault and that it was her lifestyle that had this effect on how his own life turned out - this leads on to what happens next.
Well this is just part of the story but I hope you enjoy this idea and give advice on how to proceed with it.

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Re: writing about events in ones life
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2006, 01:52:52 AM »
Writing about your own life can be difficult and emotionally draining.  Especially when there has been abuse and violence.  I would suggest you start with  several short stories, dealing with the most extreme or emoitional parts.  Don't worry about grammar, just get the facts and your feelings on paper.  Try to get all the details down, and all the attitudes of the major players.  It may be weeks before you are ready to write on it again, and you may want to write some fun things to refresh you.

It is often easier to deal with the emotions piecemeal, and put it in book order later.It also gives you a chance to try different storytelling methods and different points of view to see which one brings the story across better.

I have read that writing extremely emotional things is almost as exhausting as living through it.  I have found this true in my own case, and I schedule recreation time accordingly.  But writing about the painful things changed my writing and made it stronger.

good luck with your book.
"The beautiful part of writing is that you don't havto get it right the first time, unlike, say, a brain surgeon." Robert Cormier

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Re: writing about events in ones life
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2006, 11:26:27 AM »
Hi Greeneyes,
I would begin by writing a rough draft of the childs point of view trying to enfold other characters,parent,siblings,teachers,social workers etc. See how it develops. When you have done this you should have a good idea how you wish the story to develop.
You could then post your draft for comments here.
I worked with Special Needs children for almost 20 years so could offer background details if need be.
I have had one book(non-fiction publshed)
I wish you success.

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Re: writing about events in ones life
« Reply #3 on: January 25, 2006, 04:51:38 PM »
Hello Greeneyes,

My goodness! You're certainly not short of material, but you're right! Getting started can be a nightmare when you've so much to work with. My advice, for what it's worth, is to take a baby step, then see if you manage to reach crawling point, before running helter skelter up the stairs!! You'll find your own way around this, I'm sure, but here's what I'd do:

I'd choose a pov - are you going to write in first person - from your perspective? If not, from whose perspective? You could even change perspectives, but for now I'd choose one!

Then I'd select a very small section of the above - let's say 'being put into care' - and I'd attempt to write a complete short story (could later be a chapter) about the day I discovered I was going to be put into care and/or my arrival at the home, the description of it, my first impressions, two or three main characters.

This just might give you an opening - or a few ideas of bits you particularly want to write. You don't HAVE to write it all in order. Perhaps try a few short stories first ...

Anyway - that's just another suggestion to be thinking about ... I'll definitely look forward to reading whatever you come up with,