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Translations in Dutch/English
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This forum is especially aimed at translations from English to Dutch and vice versa.   I know some of you out there are from Belgium and Holland and I just wanted to let you know that should you require a decent translation in excellent grammatical English from the Dutch language, I have a friend who has asked me to let you know that she is keen to start a translation service and would like to help if you wish to write an article in your own language and have it translated.  She is Dutch but her English is wonderful as she has lived in various countries around the world.  Translating languages is what she enjoys most.
Contact me and mark your e-mail WC Translation

I know this forum is not for the majority of us, but its useful  if you want to write in your own language.   Dutch for English speakers is not the easiest of languages to learn - believe me at the age of 56 I am finding it hard!

Bill Bryson once asked a Dutchman how you say 'Van Gogh.'   The Dutchman replied in a garbled tone which sounded like he had just swallowed a moth!!