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A heartfelt cry Act I scene 1
« on: October 20, 2010, 11:43:21 AM »
Hi I have posted the first scenef Act I here so that those interested can put the peices i've posted for comment into full perspective. the piece on review in the Scriptwriters section is scene 2. Don.t expect any review on all this Act but would appreciate any feed back. I have envisaged this as a musical of sorts, with the poetic pieces hopefully worked to music like Enya style Gaelic music with perhaps a rock opera twist. Not sure as I have no musical talent whatsoever. Thanks for any consideration


Act I

Scene 1

 ( The stage lightens to a typical country railway station. There Is a young man about 20, leaning casually against a post,  left of stage. He is dressed in Old worn clothes but clean and neat. Two smart dressed town ladies enter from the left of stage saunter past and sit downon a bench centre/ right stage. The young man nods politely as they pass, getting no response from the ladies. Another young man appears from left of stage and walsk straight past the first man. He is quite well dressed and starts talking to the ladies. They are obvious friends.
 Tom looks down and sees a purse one of the ladies has dropped. He bends down and picks it up. Just as he raises upright one of the young ladies looks his way and sees the purse in his hands. )

“That man has got your purse Hilda.!”

(looking down for her purse then up again)
” Why it is mine.What. How ...did he get it?”

(Who had begun walking towards the ladies as soon as he found the purse.)
“This was on the ground. Did any..”

(The smart dressed young man moves towards Tom ,eager to impress the ladies..)

“Ahh, Tom foundling, foster home boy. Should have known. You are all the same Tom Foundling.”

“I found this on the ground just then, Hilda must have dropped it.”

 “Oh to be sure. You home kids just cause trouble. Why they ever let that factory for thieves be put here?  Mmhh, I'll never know.”

(Who had gotten up and was just behind Wayne.)
“One of you foster kids was into our saddlery just last week.”

“You don’t know that Joanne. Any one could have taken your saddle an tack.”

“Your to trusting Hilda! What about that Farley kid last year breaking into the general store?”

“One home kid. There was three town kids involved as well Joanne!”

“ Well they were in always causing trouble and in fights at school as I remember.”

 ”Normally Wayne, I would not rise to your arrogant and ignorant tripe,but, today is different. You and all of you here don’t know what you have. Your good homes, your good clothes. You take it for granted, living in the luxury of your grandfather's work. You had a family. Yes some from the home steal and cause fights. That is not right,  but if you had been beaten down like them, you would be angry too.
 Me I hold my head high. I have done no wrong to any of you. Yet you do nothing but scorn me. I worked for your pittance and took your scorn. No more. I am turning my back on you and your kind. I'm heading for the city to find my self and my dreams. Somewhere where I can just be me.”

(Tom walks to Hilda)

(handing her the purse)
“I don’t steal!”

(Without another word Tom turns and walks back to the far left of the stage where his post was. An announcers voice is heard. ”Next city Train in 10 minutes”' The light fades and Tom steps forward to the front of the stage. He  kneels and begins to roll a smoke. Only he is highlighted by soft lighting. A screen falls down to be just above and behind his head. The screen will highlight silhouettes .)

(While Tom is rolling his smoke the screen lights . There are the silhouettes of a woman being struck by a male. There is a woman’s voice pleading.  “No , no please, no. I'm sorry,  just tell me what I’ve done?”  There is a thump and the ladies silhouette falls. A child’s scream is heard and then a boys cry.  ”Mom. Mom. Get up mommy...MOMMY."  The man’s figure lashes out and another thud is heard. The  figure leaves and the screen  goes dark .)

(Tom is shaking slightly with emotion his face is blank.)


“You never understood  me
Nor  even tried to  care
Rarely ever noticed me
acknowledged I was there
trying to join you
in your school yard game
Lessons learnt beside you
yet still not know my name

(The screen lights up again and there is the silhouette of a little boy being held by the hands. A priest's voice just finishes his sermon and a couple of amens are quietly heard. Then the boy is dragged roughly away. Two ladies figures come into screen and pause. A ladies voice is heard.  ”Were not taking him for sure. No its the home for him.”  They continue of the screen which goes dark. )


“I've walked your streets
these many years.
Fought fires with you,
buried friends with tears.
Not once a hello .
A how do you do?
Just ignored and scorned,
 another louse to you .

(The screen lights up and the silhouettes of a plump woman and a slightly larger boy is seen. A warm woman's voice is heard. ”Now Tom,  you are a good boy and I'm very proud of you. Mind your manners with the Fairwethers. They have money and will do you well.”  She is preening him as she is saying this. Tom's boy voice is heard. ”I will Mary,  for you.” Mary replies. ”The lady cant have babies, but bless her, she'll give a home to one of you. I pray its you Tom. “  The screen goes blank  momentarily, then lightens again with a gentleman and lady's silhouette. The ladies voice is clearly heard.  ”No, no this one's no good. Too many bad, poor peoples' habits. No we want one we can train from an early age. Don't you have any baby ones.”  The screen goes blank.)


“No more your dirty looks.
Nor your pious scorn
Hope of respect from you
 Hope indeed forlorn.
I turn my back on you,
 putting you far behind.
I am going to the city
Putting you from my mind

I am going to the city
I am going to find me
I am going to the city
To see what I can be.”

(The light and music fade.)
"You can take the boy out of the country...."