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Re: Punctuation - possessive apostrophe collective nouns
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Hi Siobhan - or should I say "Shove on"!

Just saw this, and thought I'd add my 2c worth. I think the reason retailers leave out the apostrophes when writing "ladies'", "men's", etc is simply that they don't know where to put them. The fact that the apostrophe goes after the "s" with "ladies'" & "kids'" and before the "s" with "men's" & "children's" is probably really confusing for them, so they opt to avoid the apostrophes altogether, rather than risk putting them in the wrong place. (Although for some reason, retailers often shove unnecessary apostrophes into plural nouns - especially words the end with a vowel, particularly "o" - e.g., "video's", "tomato's".)

So, help the fight against illiteracy - correct those apostrophes!  8)

Gyppo - loved the cake story!