Author Topic: This is so tacky - I'm not a writer - just getting this out for myself.  (Read 1057 times)

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...a man who takes my hand as we walk...whispers in my ear over dinner and too much wine....encircling my waist as we tumble through the night in Trastevere...pressing me against the stone wall...while the Saturday teenagers and midnight police look on. We don't care. And neither do they. Climbing the 67 uneven steps to our bed. Where I take his shirt one button at a time...feeling him as we fall, his hands in my hair, his mouth on my neck...strength holding my arm above my head...looking in my eyes as we make love...

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oooo incurable romantic here..........I like the passionate image this provokes--- :)

This might be  part of a bigger writing piece someday.  Good luck with it.

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