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Poem-Yours to Lose
« on: September 25, 2018, 08:24:47 AM »
Yours To Lose 

 Love doesn't always
 bring happiness to
 the heart welcoming
 love in.

 Some times the one
 the heart loves
 cannot love, because
 of where the heart has
 already been.

 Love doesn't always
 stay the same, heartfelt
 hurt can cause a love
 to change.

 Love makes no promise,
 that the one you love will
 stay with you, your
 whole life through.

 Love sometimes gets
 washed away by to many
 tears; and too many empty
 nights, that turned into
 to many bitter filled years.

 Love doesn't break hearts.
 Life changes people . . .
 Love is the same today
 and always.

 The love that leaves is
 the love that never was
 meant to stay.

 One cannot rightfully
 blame love for breaking
 their heart....
 Because two people in love
 somehow grew apart.

 Be thankful that the one
 you gave your heart to was
 yours to lose.

 So many crave for just
 a taste of love; and yearn to
 hear the words 'I love you'
 From the lips of the one they
 gave their love to.

                -Jan Tetstone

 3:49pm September 24, 2018
  By Heartsong