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Caribbean Dynasty - The Williamson's Family Legacy
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“The Williamson’s Family Legacy” is an Epic Six-part
Family Drama Series, in print, that chronicles the lives of one of the Caribbean’s largest blended interracial family, whose multifarious richness in history, culture, ethnicity, social, language, morals, values and more and also whose family roots and ties extends to other parts of the Caribbean and even around the world, and thus it is highly impossible for anyone and everyone who interacts with any member of this family to differentiate one race, culture and more from the other, but each individual is different from the other, as we were made differently in a class and a world of our own  --- but certainly and it is anyone guess that in a large family nothing is ever normal or picture perfect, as there are always chaos and coming from a family as large and interracial as that, there will be lots of action, adventure, laughter, tears, betrayal, secrets, lies, and everything that can break or make a family what it is today. and it tells the story of the journey of Jubbah Senior and his family, from Africa to the Caribbean and also about their family descendants many continuing struggles with all the temptations, tragedies, trials, tribulations and triumphs of life to just about everything life throws at them, as they work effortlessly to make a better life and to create a safe haven for themselves, their loved ones and others, as a family unit and independently as individuals; as they learn to deal with each other, pursue their dreams, overcome obstacles, to coping and dealing with the with the demands and pressures of their schooling/jobs/workloads, doubled with the responsibilities that comes with bearing, raising and bringing up children - to them always being there twenty-four seven (24/7) for other family members, relatives, friends, enemies and the general public –  and also dealing with some very mind-boggling, emotional, complicated, as well as picture perfect love life, engagements, marriages, divorces, as well as helping one another and others cope, deal, address and find solutions to the numerous issues, problems and plagues [teenage pregnancy, Aids, rape, crime, child abuse, spouse abuse, substance abuse, cancer, prostitution, pornography, homosexuality, racism, gender discrimination and equality, drug abuse and trafficking, human trafficking, teen marriages, war, politics, and more) which is threatening our daily lives in their own personal way; whether negative or positive, in their community, country, and also other parts of the Caribbean and even the world – which has either caused most of them to question their own existence and purpose on Earth and/or have even driven them to the very brink of collapse (fighting their inner demons, depression, eating disorders, families, friends, employers, co-workers and more) and even over the edge to the point of committing (malice, mayhem, murder and suicide); including finding the history and bloodline of the Williamson’s family and the reunion of the Williamson’s family, as told and seen through the eyes of Michaela Bradford, the great-great granddaughter of Malachi Williamson, who changed his name to Benjamin Williamson and is as follows:
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Please, break that thing into paragraphs. It is unreadable as is.