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Return to the Happy Valley
« on: June 27, 2006, 05:18:43 AM »
Looking at the present conflict in Germany and having heard from a client who visited the York Air Museum at Elvington, I penned a few lines about an old friend commemorated there.


I must go down to the station today, to show you where I spent the war
And to stand besides the Halifax, then to thrill as the Hercules roar
I long to stand at the runways end to see the great planes land
And Andre my old Canuck friend watches at my right hand

I must go into the hangar again, where Friday The Thirteenth stands by
And look at the duty rosters that summoned us as young men to fly
For Andre’s name is on three four six and there on six four oh am I
Our names are there forever displayed for the interested eye.

Together we go to the Briefing Room to find where we fly tonight
I’ve heard it before so am sure I can nearly quote it on sight
Tonight you will bomb a coking plant in the valley of the Ruhr
In the suburb of Frederic Krupps Essen, for some the last op of your tour

From twenty miles out we see the fires glow behind a curtain of steel
Linked by white ribbons of searchlights flak makes the Halifax reel
And then we’re through the maelstrom: our cargo stokes the fiery rivers of hell
And if we make it home from here, tonight we’ll drink at The Elvington Bell

My medals clank on the blazer pocket where I wear a DFC square
And Andre proudly shows off  his blue Croix De Guerre.
Fifty years later the Elvingon Bell still has a sign painted in midnight black
So we raise our beer and give a faint cheer for the boys who never came back.

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