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A Script Yet Unwritten
« on: July 09, 2010, 02:57:35 PM »
A   Script   Yet   Unwriten

   Ulysses King, particularly interested in his father's lawyer work, appeared to be a well-adjusted youth until his family moved to an affluent and prestigious suburb. He took up solitary activities such as playing the guitar, watching a certain kind of movies in his apartment, and he developed his own little withdrawn personality, dreaming of future glory in some undefined field, perhaps music or politics, letting it all show. The family was impressed, not worried yet.
   Midway through the spring semester of his senior year, Ulysses dropped out of school and sold his red Ferrari to try to make it rough in California as a lonely artist only with his guitar and talent, as he had seen in happy-ending movies. The movies were still a deep inspiration he fell in. The big money was to be some backing, just in case. He decided to go hitchhiking, making friends with "safe" tough truckers in the middle of the road community. Also, he began taking pills of various kinds and playing with guns. His "intellectual" activities now included burglaries, prostitutes, traffic offenses, stealing cars, but Ulysses was always too smart to be busted, though several times his escape was really narrow. His life became chaotic and very disjointed, cool, to be concise. He forgot about his family that had already contacted the police pronouncing Mr Ulysses King missing while he was spending too much money hanging around and enjoying the new life. He was happy to go crazy, proud of himself.
   Before long, however, the tide turned. Through a series of sorry circumstances he found himself in real trouble. He had got in a fight and now was badly injured, without clothing, money, food, everything. He realized that the ambulance or police would put an end to his really fabulous escapades, and before going unconscious he, trembling, kept saying to himself "Road King, everything's gonna be alright, you'll see!"
   When he came round he found himself confined in a den, slowly making out an ugly face of an old man taking care of him, later only to know the ugly but sympathetic monster was homeless, a freak accident of nature, mentally ill. For Ulysses, it was not easy to get rid of the old homeless. Struggling for his own survival, Ulysses accidentally killed the man, running away.
His health deteriorated, his nervous system was about shot. He had set this trap for himself. But it was too late, too much damage done, he had killed a man.
   At last at a gas station he got in a car where he terribly begged a single mother not to call the police, brushing his tears away. Another drama just got started. The woman was immensely moved by his reasonable but fake story and decided to help him until he felt better to go on his own again. She was interested in what had happened to "John" and what was still going on. Ulysses disguised himself. Overall, he was doing better.
Unexpectedly he caught himself liking the single woman, seeing her as needing to be loved and rescued. He even thought of coming back to his family with her and her baby, burying the whole episode to start a new better life, again, but she did not feel inclined, a turning point. And when his mind was on the breaking point he revealed himself completely without wanting it.
   The terrified woman felt helpless, unable to escape with her baby the disturbed freak, Ulysses King, afraid he could not control his behavior, he could kill again ...

   A SCRIPT YET UNWRITTEN is a psycho-thriller where a playful crazy young man is essentially acting out a script yet unwritten turned into a deadly reality. The dilemma explored throughout is that whether the major character in the story is a bored, lazy, fame-seeking, spoiled loner or a mentally ill person misleading by his superficial appearance of normality, or both just to "get some kicks". In other words, is it typical of an unsuccessful son in a successful family? The film should be a mixture of road-movie and psycho-drama.

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Re: A S C R I P T Y E T U N W R I T T E N
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2010, 02:33:47 PM »
I like the idea of it being a road movie and pyscho drama. it seems like and interesting mixture. I think you could get alot of little stories and episodes from you characters life. It will work as a movie without a doubt but in order to get more from it, it would be even better as a tv series. I'm thinking along the lines of a 21 1 hour episodes like Dexter for axample. I gotta ask the burning question. When will you be posting some script?

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Re: A S C R I P T Y E T U N W R I T T E N
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2010, 08:36:28 AM »
Well, sound very interesting to me. Make sure you keep us up to date on how the writing fairs.

Also, don't forget about forum rules
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