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« on: January 20, 2006, 07:49:26 AM »
Hi Jennifer,

Welcome. I had a look at your website and I must say that it was very impressive and commercial.
However, as a writer I didn't find anything useful for me. At a certain moment, I thought I found something: "Advertise here" and I clicked the link. When I saw what appeared, I started swearing and my stomach turned around :o. I namely became allergic for the word "adwords" >:(. I did the experiment and tested the system out with 3 keywords and with over 4000 keywords and I made them all active, even the one's that costed over 5. You know the result ? With 3 keywords : 14 clicks on my site and with  over 4000 keywords, 12 clicks during one month. I cancelled my account and nothing changed, on the contrary, with the more conventional advertising and articles, the traffic to my site increased considerably. As I said already earlier, it is the same ad with mass mailings and affiliating. I still have a lot of ebooks about the "wonder" of adwords and how to get rich in the next five minutes. They are given as a bonus when you subscribe to something. A Christmas I could even download 117 ebooks about the subject for free. I downloaded them and soon deleted them again.
Aren't you considering a possibility for published writers to advertise on your site? As I said, it is impressive, effective and will attract many visitors with your diversification. Congratulations.
Jennifer, don't consider what I said above as personal, I just wanted to give my experience. For fun, I even submit an ad to all these AFF sites and read their mail. It is amusing, how serious they are. Yesterday I got a mail in my regular mailbox, (I have several yahoo mailboxes for all the junk) from a guy who promoted a pop-up that couldn't be removed. I took some time to write him back, explaining that we find pop-ups irritationg and only want them to disappear. That is is a bad way for promoting something and I find his invention almost criminal.
Pleas think about the possibility for writers to place their ad on your site.