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wipe away your tears
« on: June 18, 2006, 03:40:23 PM »
this is a very personal poem but i think its one of my best i hope it doesnt upset anyone in anyway.

Wipe away those tears
They are foolish
They are weak
Do you think?

Let my emotions run down my arm in blood red rivers
Skin turned to crimson ribbons
The taste of metal transferred to skin

The harsh sting of broken and trashed love
The dull throbbing of lost promises
The jagged nip of cracked memories

Bandages hugging the wreck of flesh like the arms you were forced to leave
Plasters sticking the way the worst people do
Long sleeves covering your latest art work like the smile covers your agony

Sleep engulfing you
Taking away the need to think
Why wake up
Here you are safe
Wrapped in the warmth of the blood spotted blankets no one can touch you

So wipe away those tears
They are foolish
They are weak
You have a new way to cope
Donít you think?