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My heart is a harp on a hill
« on: June 17, 2006, 04:10:09 AM »

My heart is a harp on a hill
Overlooking the foamy sea
You are the ocean's breezes
Composing my heart's key
Some days you blow gently
Tenderly stroking my heart
Other days you are a storm
That dashes my heart apart
Though however you blow
I will continue to love you
Because I know for certain
You're my dream come true

My brain is but a machine
That runs all night and day
With you as the velvety oil
Keeping the corrosion at bay
My world would be empty
Without you to fill the void
For every day I see your face
My internal spirit is buoyed
Even when we hurt each other
I still continue to treasure you
For I know inside my darling
You're my dream come true

Sometimes my love is so deep
That you must wonder if I care
For it's hidden so far inside me
But I assure you that it's there
Every second, minute and hour
I feel this burning love so deep
And each night I carry this when
I close my weary eyes to sleep
 Even when I'm deep in slumber
My private dreams are of you
Then when I awake my kitten
My dream has really come true

Mick Ward 2006