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Fragment Earth - 002 - Wars End
« on: May 15, 2010, 11:08:34 AM »
An epic adventure into madness this series of alternate history short stories explore the chains that bind the human spirit to the repetition of survival.
Episode 002: In Familiar Forms

With no such absolute as truth we wander, in mind, in thought, in purpose we are free to waver to and fro between reality and dreams in search of a survival worthy of our worthiness. Until reality, or whatever lose construct of such we find ourselves engulfed by pulls us back into the stark raving here and now, toward burden and commitment through fulfillment and struggle it tests our dreams for truth.
Perhaps truth was not what we had dreamt it was, words and their obligatory feelings cloud our definitions of the more common concepts, who even among you speak the word irony without being ironic. In a world where our most common use of such is in-fact its only definition, do we struggle, in a joke thereby so coincidentally humorous, to survive, among that which laughs with our truths as it laughs at our dreams while never neither does to either with this Fragment Earth.

Read along with the world. Fragment Earth is also available in: [Afrikaans]-Fragment Aarde, [Arabic]-شظية الأرض, [Azerbaijani]-Qəlpə Yer, [Belarusian]-Фрагмент Зямлі, [Bulgarian]-Фрагмент Земята, [Catalan]-Fragment Terra, [Czech]-Úlomek Svet, [Welsh]-Dameidiog Ddaear, [Danish]-Fragment Jord, [German]-Bruchstück Erde, [Greek]-Θραύσμα Γη, [Spanish]-Fragmento Tierra, [Estonian]-Kild Maa, [Basque]-Banatu Lurra, [Persian]-قطعات متلاشی کره زمین, [Finnish]-Pirstovat Maapallon, [French]-Fragment Terre, [Irish]-Ilroinnt Cré, [Galician]-Fragmentos Terra, [Hebrew]-כדור הארץ רסיס, [Hindi]-टुकड़ा पृथ्वी, [Croatian]-Fragmenti Zemlja, [Haitian Creole]-Fragmante Latè, [Hungarian]-Repesz Föld, [Armenian]-Առանձին Հողակցում, [Indonesian]-Terpisah Bumi, [Icelandic]-Aðskilja Jörð, [Italian]-Frammento Terra, [Japanese]-フラグメント 地球, [Georgian]-ფრაგმენტი დედამიწა, [Korean]-부서진 조각 이승, [Latin]-Fragment Terram, [Lithuanian]-Fragmentas Žeme, [Latvian]-Fragments Zeme, [Macedonian]-Фрагмент Земјата, [Malay]-Serpihan Bumi, [Maltese]-Framment Earth, [Dutch]-Brokstuk Aarde, [Norwegian]-Fragmenter Jord, [Polish]-Ulomek Ziemia, [Portuguese]-Fragmento Terra, [Romanian]-Sfarâmatura Pamânt, [Russian]-Фрагмент Земле, [Slovak]-Úlomok Zem, [Slovene]-Locenih Zemlja, [Albanian]-Fragment Tokë, [Serbian]-Фрагмента Земље, [Swedish]-Brottstycke Jord, [Swahili]-Fragment Ardhi, [Thai]-แยก พื้นโลก, [Filipino]-Kaputol Mundo, [Turkish]-Kirinti Topraklamak, [Ukrainian]-Фрагмент Землі, [Urdu]-ٹکڑا زمین, [Vietnamese]-Vở Ra Từng Mảnh Trái Đất, [Yiddish]-פראַגמענט ערד, [Simplified Chinese]-分开地球, [Traditional Chinese]-片段地球, and [Braille]-⠠⠋⠗⠁⠛⠍⠢⠞ ⠠⠑⠜⠹.
Keywords: alternate history, short story, truth, irony, madness, human spirit, survival, revisionism, acceptance, cold war, world war, power of media, decision making, decisiveness, reality, dreams, philosophy, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia, Czech republic, Sudetenland, American army, noble and fitting, massacre, Hitler dead, fuhrerbunker, u.s. 1st army, pool of blood, underground fortress, Bavarian redoubt, alpine redoubt, national redoubt, Russian soldiers, German soldiers, Wehrmacht, red army, naivety, imagination, pacification, war, fire, conflagration, faith, pine tree, forest fire, ashes, wildfire, insignificance, cause and effect, force of nature, command vehicle, fire line, negligence, forestry, foolishness, Germany's death, personification, ability, dictation, perception, significance, ceremony, evil, understanding, war's beginning, hindsight, guile, chaos, post war Europe, polished bones, heavily armed, shell shocked, marching, the allies, mechanized machines, fog of war, tide of men, marching men, golum, face of death, mindless, conscious, pendulum, priority, airbase, Poland, England, Germany, escort fighter, fork-tailed devil, Russian pilots, airplane construction, p-51 mustang, aerial combat, aerial technique, aerial maneuvers, dog fighting, Lockheed p-38, p-38 lightning, comrade, familiarity, aircraft design, pilots, artillery, firing technique, center of mass, preconception, response, natural instinct, instinct, self-defense, modern bullets, best defense, target selection, line of fire, target shooting, instinctual reaction, decentralization, collectives, collateral damage, hostility, adeptness, preconception, know your enemy, what you think
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Re: Fragment Earth - 002 - Wars End
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I would like to say:


Followed by:

"What is this?"

And finally:

"Why did you post it in huge chunks rather than manageable easy to read paragraphs?"
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