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A little piece I wrote sitting at work today
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This is not by any means something I took the time to put together fully.  I was sitting at work with nothing to do so I wrote this off the top of my head and went with it.  It is definitely nothing special and needs tons of work but just thought I would share in case someone was bored and felt like reading something tonight.   Any advice or critique is greatly appreciated but not expected.  Just for others enjoyment.  Thanks to everyone.

Chapter One

 It was just after lunch when I was getting off of work.  I pull the early shift at the local lumberyard getting everything ready for the business.  My love of the outdoors helps feed my love of working, setting out the fresh lumber and making sure everything is ready for the day.  I had stayed a little later today, only because I had fell into daydreaming when I was putting away the chainsaw and hand saw I use to cut the fresh lumber.  I had imagined myself in the middle of the forest cutting my way through to a new world.  I snapped to because my phone rang.  It was my wife Julia, just letting me know that she was headed to work.

  I left the lumberyard after my shift and started walking to Aunt Lana's local convenience store where Julia spent her time helping the local community of Russoru, or “The Ru” as the teenagers had dubbed it for quicker reference in their text messages to friends out of town.  As I walked I started daydreaming about our weekend at the lake coming up and how beautiful Julia's hair was this morning when I left for work.  Her brown hair and glowing green eyes had attracted my attention everyday in our four years of marriage.

  I was on the corner of 4th and Walcock when a young boy came running up and blew past me crying and trying to wipe his eyes at the same time.  I had not seen him before in town which meant he was either lost or had been doing something he shouldn't have.  I came to 4th and Meadow Avenue and turned toward the store.  There were a lot more people outside than usual.  I figured I would head home instead of trying to visit Julia at work while she was busy, plus I was in very much need of a shower.

  I walked into the house and went straight to the bathroom and started the water for my shower.  In our bedroom, our bags were laid open half-packed for our trip to the lake.  I pulled some clothes out of the closet and commenced to shower my filth away.  I had only been in the shower for about ten maybe fifteen minutes but there were 5 messages on the answering machine.  The first from Julia's mother letting us know that she was home from her vacation in Spain.  The next two were hang-ups, which I find very annoying.  The fourth was from my supervisor, telling me how good I had done at work that morning was his way of showing appreciation for his employees.  As I was about to listen to the final message when the door bell rang.  I went to the door, still drying my hair, and answered to two young police officers.  The first one on the right was about five feet tall and was a little on the heavy side to be doing police work.  The one on the left was around six feet and was chiseled from stone.  They definitely didn't look like they should be partners, but what do I know about police work.  I asked  what was going on, but the officer on the right just said that I needed to come with them.  Although confused, I obliged his insistence and went along.

 As we drove through town, I began questioning what was going on.  They would not answer and as we passed the police station I asked the younger police officer, where we were going.  He turned to look me in the face and said, “to the hospital, Sir.”  We arrived at the hospital and I was escorted in and through so many doors I couldn't remember if I was still in the hospital or in an FBI laboratory.  We were coming up on the Morgue when the heavier officer stopped and told me that I was here to identify a body.  I was not sure if he had the right person, so I asked him who it was that I was here to identify.  He didn't move, instead he pointed inside the room behind him.  He opened the door and we walked inside, I looked around the room feeling cold immediately after setting foot in the room.  I looked at the table in the center of the room and it was my Julia laying there, then everything went black.

Chapter Two

 I awoke sometime later in a hospital room.  There was a nurse and the local police commissioner standing at the foot of my bed talking.  I immediately started freaking out, which startled the nurse and the commissioner.  They calmed me down enough for the commissioner to start talking to me about what happened.  As he talked about the incident, I began crying and visualizing her terror.  The commissioner said it was a robbery gone wrong and that Julia had tried to keep the thief inside the store when she was shot right through her heart and passed away shortly after.  They had already viewed the tapes and apprehended a subject.  I was told to remain in the hospital for a couple days in the Psychiatric division for care during the traumatic phase of dealing with my loss.

  Three weeks had passed and I had been released from the hospital and was totally lost without my Julia.  I had family and friends that flew in to console me, but nothing was helping at the moment.  I wanted to know who did this and what the punishment for this crime was going to be.  So when I woke the next morning, I drove down to the police station and started asking questions.  I asked to be seen by the commissioner and waited for what seemed like days before I was able to see him.  We talked for a  few hours about the incident, the arrest and he informed me that the trial was set for two weeks from then.  I became irate in the next few days waiting for the trial as the local news played footage of the lawyer Adam, I couldn't remember his last name, saying that his client was innocent and that there wasn't enough evidence to convict him of anything.

  I wanted so badly to go down to that lawyer's office and give him a piece of my mind and ask him, how he would feel if he wife had been murdered and someone was saying that the man who did it was innocent.  The next few weeks were going to be very rough.  I wasn't sleeping at night, how could I?  The only woman I ever loved was dead and there was still no punishment dealt out.  I did not sleep until the trial date came, I slept the night before so that I would be able to pay close attention at the trial.  I was ushered into the courtroom past reporters outside asking questions like, “what was your wife like?”  One reporter even asked how I was feeling.  I felt so angry I wanted to slam his pen down his throat for asking such a dumb question.

 As I entered the courtroom, I could see the murderer and the lawyer from t.v. speaking at the front.  I had expected a full grown man but it was just a teenager.  The more I examined him, the more he looked familiar.  The boy sitting there, was the same boy that had ran past me when I was walking home that day.  I became enraged and shouted out, “I hope you rot in hell for what you've done!”  I was told to sit down by the officer at the front of the courtroom and if I did not refrain from further outbursts I would be escorted out of the courtroom.  I had to control my anger and refrain from multiple outbursts over the next few hours as the lawyer pleaded his clients case, and stating that he pleaded not guilty to all charges.

 Everyday when I came home I would sit for hours at the computer researching information on the trial.  I found so many links to pages on the lawyer, but nothing about the teenager.  His name was rare so there had to be something.  I used a search engine and typed in the boys name Deuce Raymonds.  As usual multiple matches with the last name Raymonds, but nothing with Deuce.  My frustration was building so badly that I smashed the computer against the wall, ending my search.  This only frustrated me more, which right now was a very bad thing.

 I woke up the next morning to find my computer still smashed laying on the floor.  I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed but knew that I had to be present at the last day of the trial.  I found myself being more and more angry the closer I got to getting justice for Julia's death.  Today was the day that I would get that justice.  I walked as quickly as possible to the courthouse and made my way up the stairs leading inside.  I arrived at the courthouse a little earlier than usual, so once inside I was one of four people inside the courtroom.  I took my seat still angry but somehow a little bit calm at the same time.

 About thirty minutes after I arrived, people swarmed in for the trial.  I began to get agitated at how long I had been waiting, and then the trial was set to begin.  The courtroom was packed with reporters writing down every word that was spoken.  I was in a trance hoping things would be ok. The judge and jury were listening to final testimony and after eight hours they broke to make their decision.  I made my way outside during the decision making process.  I sat down on a bench just outside the courthouse.  Thoughts of Julia came into my mind and I began crying instantly.  I was outside for possibly twenty or thirty minutes, when I decided to go back inside.

  I took a seat towards the front of the courtroom, deciding that I would feel better when justice was served if I was up close.  The judge called everyone to order and then told us to have a seat.  I began crying just as the judge asked the jury if they had reached their verdict.  All the pain and anger I was feeling had began to boil up again.  The first charge was for breaking and entering, which they found Deuce not guilty.  I wasn't worried about that charge, I was waiting for the one where he was convicted of murdering Julia.  It seemed like it was taking forever for them to read through the charges. I felt as if I was going to explode with anger.  Finally they came to the murder charge.  I had to hold my head in my lap, waiting to hear the verdict.  The the head juror spoke, “ On the charge of Murder in the second degree, we the jury, find the defendant NOT GUILTY.”

  I jumped from my seat, furious with hate and anger.  I leapt across the railing after the young teen who had taken everything from me.  I wanted to strangle him and bring my own justice to this world.  As soon as I was over the railing the officer from earlier grabbed me and held me until they removed Deuce from the courtroom.  I was screaming for them to let me go, but it was like I was speaking a foreign language.  After the teen was removed, I was released.  I immediately left the courtroom, hoping to find the teen outside.  No one was outside the courtroom, not even reporters.  I took a cab around the city trying to ease my mind and ended up at home, where I sat angrily, drinking heavily, and contemplating to end my own life.  Then just as I thought I was better off dead, the most instantly gratifying thought hit me.  I would kill this Deuce Raymonds, and get away with murder just like he did.

 I must have had quite a bit to drink the night before because when I woke up the taste of Vodka was still standing in my mouth.  There were no signs that I had gotten sick at all, which didn't reassure me much as to my condition.  I was still very irate and angry about the ruling from yesterday.  I had mixed emotions all over from it.  I hated the jury for their decision, I despised the lawyer for defending a murderer, and most of all I hated Deuce for getting away with murder.  My answering machine was no help being overloaded with messages from family and friends trying to console me.  It wouldn't work, I was hell bent on revenge.  I was going to kill Deuce Raymonds.

Chapter Three

  I started out by going straight to his lawyers office.  If anyone would know Deuce's whereabouts his lawyer should.  As I moved through town, I could notice the people I passed giving me odd looks and dropping their heads as I passed by.  Any other day I would probably ask them what their problem was, but today all it did was fuel my anger.  As I walked into the law offices of G&M Law firm, the secretary at the front desk was answering the phone.  I walked passed her desk and straight into Adam's office.  He must have been expecting someone today, as he had very expensive wine set out.  Seeing me did not seem to please him much.  He started to grab for the phone but did not get far as I slammed my fist down on top of his hand pinning it on top of the phone.  His face grimacing with pain, he went to scream but I placed my hand over his mouth.

  He had a fear in his eyes that I had not seen before in my lifetime.  I told him I was not there to hurt him and that I was going to take my hand off of his mouth.  He nodded, which I hoped meant he would stay quiet.  I made our conversation short and got straight to the point.  He was very cooperative and told me that Deuce lived in a run down area of town with the local loners.  I wasn't concerned with other people at the moment, my only concern was finding the person who ruined my life.  After leaving the law firm, I suddenly found myself in a delimma.  Was I really about to go against everything I swore was evil and had ruined my life.  I didn't have time for this, I needed to find Deuce and deal with things immediately.

 After clearing my head of uncertainty I made my way to 3rd and Graco.  This part of town was very poorly kept, had run down apartments and the most strung out drug addicts around.  Right now, I was concerned with neither the drug addicts, dealers, or the possibility of being seen.  I entered the building in the center full of anger.  The few people standing outside paid me no mind, which made things easier for me.  As I moved up the stairway, I found myself struggling with another dilemma, I had no means to complete my goal unless I used my hands.  Luckily for me, being in this part of the neighborhood worked to my advantage.  I approached one of the young men standing in a doorway.  He was wearing a bright red hat, red shirt, and pants that were barely wrapped around his legs let alone his waist.

  I didn't have time for pleasantries so I said the one thing I knew would get his attention, “ I have  money.”  Upon hearing the possibility of earning some money, I was invited in.  I told him that I needed a gun and only one round of ammo.  He was slow to oblige me at first, so I threw down the six hundred dollars I had drawn out for the weekend trip we were supposed to take, he quickly grabbed the money and counted it.  Once satisfied, he pulled a simple 9mm beretta pistol out of a drawer and placed a magazine inside.  He handed me the gun and pointed towards the door.  I exited and continued up the stairs.  The further up I went, the more focused I became.  Today a life would end, knowing what I had to do, I sped up the next two flights of stairs fairly fast.

  I arrived on the 12th floor a little short of breath.  I started looking at numbers on doors, not like I knew which one I was looking for anyway, but it was good to know that they at least had numbers on their doors.  I was coming around the corner when I heard some boys talking.  I stopped at the corner and listened in.  A voice I could barely hear started saying something, and another voice was arguing with him about whatever was being said.  I edged my face over closer to the edge, trying to listen in to what was being said.  “ Finally, good to see you back home bro” one voice said.  “ I know man, if it hadn't been for that state lawyer I wouldn't be here.”  I knew whose voice that was, that was the person I had come for.  I made my way around the corner drawing the pistol at the same time, pointing it at Deuce and yelling for the other two boys to leave immediately.  The two young boys ran off as told, and I was left with Deuce all by myself.  I told him to turn around and I grabbed his collar, pushing him towards the door to the roof.  Once we had reached the roof, I turned him around making him face me.

 The funny thing about anger and hate is that it feeds your anxiety and adrenaline so much, until something that has a stronger emotional charge comes into play.  Seeing Deuce standing there, no fear in his eyes only tears.  The hate and anger left my body.  I started to feel compassion for this young child.  He was trying to support himself the best way he knew how. NO!, I had to tell myself, he killed my wife, he knew what he was doing when he went into that store.  As I pushed him towards the edge of the roof, I started thinking about how I was going to make my escape once the job was done.  I started to yell at him.  “You killed my wife, you took from me the only woman I ever loved.” He started to cry and he was begging me to let him go.  Today might have started out with him being free, but by the end of this he wouldn't be.

  I pointed the pistol at Deuce again, shaking it in front of him while i ranted about how much he should pay for his decision to kill my wife.  He said nothing and did not move an inch, he only stood there crying and begging for me to let him go. I pulled the slide back on the pistol loading a round into the chamber.  I slowly moved the safety off, making sure to keep the weapon pointed at him.  I started to pray, asking God for forgiveness for what I was about to do. “ God, I know you don't believe that I should take things into my own hands, but you allowed this boy to take away from me the only person I could ever love.” I was shaking so badly that the weapon felt like a small boulder in my hands. “ God, you are the holy one in heaven, please, judge me not for what I do, but for the reason I am doing it.” As I finish the last word, I pull the pistol up to my temple and pull the trigger.  One round, straight through the brain ended my misery.  I was instantly relieved of the pressure and anger for the death of Julia.  Now I am with her again and happy.  God did not judge me, as I had that young boy.  I am happy again, and have many weekends at the lake with my beautiful wife.
I cannot die, for I am more than just a man in a mask.  I am an idea, and ideas my friend are bulletproof.