Author Topic: My name's Linda and I suffer from depression  (Read 9228 times)

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Re: My name's Linda and I suffer from depression
« Reply #30 on: August 09, 2010, 10:49:33 PM »
Wow, czech, something about that comment... I just can't keep my mouth shut. That seems like such an unfair question. Concerned and sincere but unfair, nonetheless.

It just doesn't seem to me that you get it. Personal extreme unhappiness is not the same thing as clinical depression. Outside influences and factors, whether denied, unrecognized, or obvious to the sufferer, are the cause of personal extreme unhappiness. Yes, personal extreme unhappiness for a prolonged period can lead to an episode of clinical depression, because of how the brain constantly rewires synapses and that rewiring causes a habit of behavior, so to speak. In those cases, yes, the depression is curable with a combination of medication and therapy. And it's completely fair to ask someone suffering that type of depression what makes them so unhappy.

What Linda is talking about is something entirely different. She is talking about a malfunction in the production and uptake of chemicals in the brain that cause intense feelings of hopelessness and despair without any outside cause or influence. It's biochemical and organic as opposed to being caused by a bad event, or loss, or anything like that. Linda, and people who suffer any type of biochemical depression, couldn't tell you what makes them unhappy. It just happens. You're at the beach with your friends, having a great time, and -- WHAM! -- you feel like everyone hates and you want to open a wrist.

I apologize for going on a rant and, perhaps, even coming across like a royal bitch. But I know how much worse that question, "What makes you so unhappy?" can make a person with an organic form of depression feel. Because we don't know the answer. All we know is that it suddenly feels as if the whole world has gone dark and it's our fault.

So, czech, if you feel like that, or think you may be sick, please, get to a doctor with whom you feel comfortable openly talking. Depression isn't just a state of mind that one can tough out on his or her own if it has been present for a prolonged period of time. It's not a case of the blues. It's a serious condition that puts the sufferer at great risk if left untreated.        


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Re: My name's Linda and I suffer from depression
« Reply #31 on: August 10, 2010, 04:22:24 AM »
Sorry for being personal or nosy, but this is personal, what exactly makes you so unhappy, Linda ? I know my cause. 

That's exactly the point with clinical depression: it has no cause.

It just happens out of nowhere. It's a chemical disbalance in the brain.


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Re: My name's Linda and I suffer from depression
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What an interesting topic for a writers circle.  I know there are entire forums devoted to depression.  I like reading the responses here, since there are people from every spectrum posting, not exclusively `sufferers`.
I`ve had my wrangles with clinical depression.  For myself, it comes and goes; it isn`t something that I`d have to stay on meds forever for. (cyclical)  I think I`ve dealt with it since childhood, but it wasn`t diagnosed until 12 years ago.  I did feel the shame of the perceived `stigma` at that time... but I have to say, even in the past 10 years the awareness and acceptance of depression, and its treatment,  have increased immensely.  In my view, it`s a much better climate to be diagnosed in; `everyone`s` on something~!   ;D  No shame.
One of THE worst things to say to someone suffering depression?:  `Snap out of it..!`   Aarrghhh!  There is no `snap out of it.`  It`s like telling someone with parapalegia to `just get up and walk, already.`  Seriously.  And I have heard those words... I urge all others to have patience and compassion.
Hang in there...  with proper treatment, it is something that can be overcome.  :)
My best to you~
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Re: My name's Linda and I suffer from depression
« Reply #33 on: September 10, 2010, 07:06:05 AM »
I have suffered from depression for most of my life and have battled with anorexia/bulimia too.
I can totally relate to you Linda. I see a psychiatrist now and it does help.  I could never come off my tablets because I would have thoughts of suicide. 
A lot of people in my past screwed me up especially my children's father, who let me for dead. ( Say no more eh).
I have days were I want to sleep sleep sleep all the time.  I hate it because I want to live my life but it can be hard to get motivated when voices in your head are telling you that you are not worthy of a life.
Some days I feel great and want to conquer the world but others, well, I just want to die.
Thank you for giving me the courage to let people know that yes I have a mental illness, which I am usually embarrassed to let on.
Thank you Linda
xx xx

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Re: My name's Linda and I suffer from depression
« Reply #34 on: October 02, 2010, 03:43:21 AM »
Hi Linda , liked the emotion coming through in your work. Do know the battle with the black dog you speak off. Have agreed with many of the opinions regarding the seriousness and extent of the problem in the world. I am a survivor of abuse myself and an admin to A prevent child abuse facebook page. We have approx 15,000 members all have experienced many forms of depression and mental illnesses . Many battle daily with extreme symptoms of these.
The reality is we only represent a small fraction of the true number of victims of the many abuses at the hands of mankind. I have been finding a great release and sense of self worth through writing lately. Your depression is real and comes through in your writing, Thank you for sharing..

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