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Strong verbs providing action - Writing Practice
« on: March 08, 2010, 03:11:28 AM »
My tutor tells me I should use stronger verbs to push the story along.  This will avoid telling.

So I thought of this little game you could all play.

Write three strong verbs in 3rd person past tense which show action and won't stop the story in mid flow.


You can say            As she arrived at the door she pushed it ajar. - This is more about the door and more telling also it stops the flow at the word ajar.  Was that it then?

Or you can say.      She pushed door ajar then closed it behind her.  All moving the story on and more action.  This is  about what the character did and makes you wonder what she found in the room or why she was creeping around the place.

So have a go and see how you can place your three words into a moving sentence rather than a stopping sentence. Feel free to comment on each one if you wish. Make it as dynamic as you like! I think you can all do better than me on this one. Remember strong verbs please

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