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Two more schoolgirls went missing today
Some depraved pervert has stole them away
One minute there and next minute gone
Sightings are few and evidence none

Hours go by fast stretching on into days
While the police look into means and ways
Woodland is walked and water is inspected
As the theory of running away is rejected

Friends are worried and parents distressed
Whilst in church the lost are mentioned and blessed
Posters are placed in windows and on gates
But still no one knows of the two girl’s fates

There is no escape from the parental blues
As people keep phoning to ask of the news
Not knowing if the girls are alive or dead
Each knock on the door fills them with dread

The newspapers offer a huge cash reward
But the value of two children no one can afford
As each day passes the signs are balefully bleak
Then before people realise the days become a week

Each day the nation’s public anxiously wait
With increasing worry and mounting hate
But a inside us there is still a flicker of hope
Ensuring that each day we are able to cope

So if you read this and you know where they are
The door to redemption is still somewhat ajar
Release the girls soon I beg you please
And put the parents minds finally at ease

The news we all dreaded breaks next day
Bodies have been found just a few miles away
Cast into the hedgerow like two scraps of litter
Has ever a nation felt quite so bitter?

Before we have chance for this news to be digested
Almost immediately two people are arrested
A school caretaker and his girlfriend are blamed
Anger is widespread as the couple are named

But anger won’t bring the two girls back
We need defence from these monsters and not attack
Who will declare, “let’s put an end to these violations today”?
“Let’s lock up these monsters and let our kids play”