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Nelodra, my 'rant' was generally facetious, although from personal experience there appears to be an increasing reliance, especially among teenagers and young adults, on the services of psychiatrists. From what I can gather, many of their 'problems' are straightforward growing pains. One person in a group attends a shrink, maybe he has problems or maybe he has a poor support system. One can create the other. So he tells his friends that this person (shrink) really listens and understands, after telling his parents to shut up, that they don't understand. You wouldnt believe the amount of people I've heard say that their parents didn't push them enough when they were young, and that's why they didn't get a better education/career. These people probably told their parents to shut up when they were being advised to study more and be more careful in their choice of friends.
OK, I'm ranting again. The bottom line is that people with legitimate problems will benefit from visiting a therapist, but there are many who use them as a form of replacement therapy. They replace the voices they chose not to listen to and they replace the courage they should have had to face the world on their own two feet.
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