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« on: June 04, 2006, 03:54:38 PM »

 I can't seem to find anything on the site about the maximum number of words permitted for posting. i have just posted as story of 780 words and am not sure what the maximum permitted is. i have already made a mistake in sending a too long a story and don'y wish to upset anyone. Can anyone tell me what i need to know?


Mick Ward

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Re: Help!
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Hi Mick,

I found this in the review my work section.  Hope it helps:

Are you all satisfied with the number of reviews you are getting from your work?

Update 6 april

We are now asking members to limit their posts to less than 800 words, please ensure that you use your word counter before posting.

I was wondering if perhaps they are sometimes too long for the members to get through.   Would it not perhaps be better to give a shorter version of your work and have more chance of receiving a reply to your submission?  There are many people now wanting an overview and I thought perhaps it makes sense to write half of an A4 size at the most or even less.   I do understand that some of us like to read a story, but if you are wanting a review maybe you could think about the length and time we have to read it all.

I have recently found myself not having the time to read all of a long submission for review and I wondered how many of you feel the same?  Submitting a shorter overview could give you more replies.

This is not a request to ask you to make it shorter unless anyone agrees with me.  Your comments please


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Re: Help!
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Hi Mick.

randomElf found the right information for you.(Thanks RE!) We do ask that you keep it to under 800 words. However, if you want someone to look at longer pieces, you can look at the 'twinning and penfriends' thread. That is where you can ask for someone to review longer pieces in return for you looking at theirs. ( Hope that makes sense!)
Any other questions, just fire away..

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