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                                                             Opening Shots

                                 Exterior; at night outside shot of old Technical college/film school}
                                    Interiors; Stationary establishing shots of inside the building.
                                             Foyer,reception office,stairwell,corridors.
    Shot from outside of room looking in at girl working at editing suite on her film.
   .cut to close up of her.
(with these opening shots we wish to establish emptiness stillness quietness forboding,the girl is all alone in this big old building)

           Our protagonist is the female student age 20-30.A quiet shy unassuming girl she shys away from attention yet longs to be noticed.She is worried about getting her project in on time she has to finish her editing tonight.She seems to struggle with her confidence,her lack of confidence holds her back,she struggles with addiction and craves approval.Tonight she will find out what she could be if only she believed in herself.So in short it’s the story of a girl haunted by her own ghosts and fears sent to give her a kick in the backside through a series of dreams and subtle  visions.                         

                                                          ACT ONE
                                                 GIRL HEARS FOOTSTEPS

1.on close up of girl  (cut to more shots of empty halls rooms to build the drama she hears something she stops to listen for it again she heres nothing and continues her work.)

2.P.O.V of someone/something coming up stairs.

3.cut back to girl she hears the noise again,she gets up to investigate,she slowly walks out into hallway(sounds of strangeness drift through the corridors,something is stirring in the building) shoots from behind girl up the hallway were a figure comes into shot at end of hallway we cant quite make out what it is shes not sure if shes seeing things she’s transfixed,mid shot of her looking at apparition.White noise gets louder louder and louder till she has to put her hands over her ears.She closes her eyes shaking in fear in .

 Cut to

shot of her back at her desk head slumped on desk she recoils.Jerks her head back.She had gone to sleep doing her work.
Phew it was just a dream,she thinks.She gathers herself and gets back to work

                                                ACT TWO
                                 GIRL HEARS FOOTSTEPS AGAIN

     (More interiors of empty rooms,strange soft cacophony of whispers)
1.   Girl gets up to pour herself water she sits back down at desk puts the water on desk she continues on computer.
  2Close up on her face doing work we hear a rattling sound she moves her     eyes to look at the cup its rattling on the table it gets more vigorous and it   jumps of the table and spills on ground she falls of her chair in fright.
On the floor she hears the footsteps again she goes to get up and get out but the door slams shut the footsteps move closer till they eventually stop at the door.there is a shallow continuous taping at the door then it stops.Girl is becoming real scared.
3 Then the doors slowly swings open.There seems to be nothing tangible there.
4 she quickly grabs her stuff to leave
5 She walks out into the the far end of the hall she sees herself.Our protagonist is frozen and starts to shake.(cut to commercial ha ha)
6.the apparition says


                       (in a very calm serene manner says)
“Come with me,I won’t hurt you,you know me but you don’t realise it ,I’ve come to wake up your soul  (cut back to girl staring spellbound )
                                  (cut back to ghost)
“ I know this could possibly be freaking you out, but you must come with me, something incredible is going to happen”(The ghost turns slowmotion and walks away)

                                            ACT THREE
                          FOLLOWING  TRYING TO FIND OUT
(The ghost leaves the room she follows it)

“what, whats going to happen? “

“something incredible”

“incredible in a good way?”

“just let it happen ,open yourself up and trust me ,nothing up till now matters,when it happens you’ll know and you’ll never be the same”

“that’s kind of a terrifying thought”

Gently Smiling

“No it’s a wonderful thought,you need to be open to this new thing that’s going to come into your life ,and if you are in the grips of fear  it wont happen ,but if your not afraid you will reap the rewards and you will never be lonely or scared or wanting ever again…..Why are you so scared all the time ?Is it that you need people to respect you or look up to you but you think you r not worthy?Do you think your not good enough and so you hide in your shell so nothing can touch you?Is your ego that big a part of your life that it is always seeking approval?I know you your are always putting people down and blaming others for your predicaments,It’s a vicious circle Serena and I’m going to help you escape that circle of fear right now.