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Sticky: Please read first.


Post samples of prose--including extracts from non-fiction books, novels, articles and short stories--for constructive criticism on this review board. Only post your work (not that by your children, relatives or friends; work by other writers in translation; and so on).

Quick Reference Lowdown
Maximum Daily Posts: One
Maximum Word Count: 2,000
Subject Line (no ALL CAPS): Title or genre, word count, content warning
Formatting: Add an empty/blank line between paragraphs

This board is for new members, new writers and the less confident members. The first steps into critique and putting your own work on display. We would ask all reviewers not to overwhelm, but give honest, tactful and where possible encouraging comments. Once you feel ready, please move to the prose workshop. However, new members cannot post new threads until they reach 50 posts.

We would also encourage you to read the posts in the workshop so you know what to expect.

Pre-Posting (do yourself a favor)
Read and comment on at least three other posts. Not only are members likely to return the favor, but you will learn how to improve and present your work. Shy or uncertain about reviewing? Click and read Re: Sticky: Critiquing for the Shy.

Use your word processorís factory installed spell-checker. This keeps many from avoiding your post and makes it easier for reviewers to help you.

1. Maximum Posts: One New Topic in any 24-hour period. This ensures prose remain on the front page long enough to receive feedback. In fact, adding a New Topic once a week is better for more in-depth critiques. Overages will be removed, so always save your prose on your computer.

2. Subject Line: STOP SHOUTING. ALL CAPITALS is regarded as 'shouting' and against forum policy.
     -Your subject line should contain other items:
          Title or Genre
          Word count is appreciated; itís required if the count is over 800
          Content warning (if applicable ... see Content below)
     -Unless the title is Please Review, Help or any other plea, refrain from including such. The request is implied on a review board, and it doesn't provide helpful information to reviewers.

3. Word Count: 2,000 maximum for posting a piece directly in a text box/message. Placing the word count in the subject line is appreciated; if the count is over 800 words, itís required. Reviewing a long work takes a lot of time, so it is only fair to inform reviewers when a work is lengthy. Keep in mind, itís a fact shorter pieces get MORE comments.
          -If you have a 2,000+ words piece you want reviewed, you can submit it as a Word (.doc) or plain text attachment. Although, there is no guarantee people will open it, especially if youíre new and haven't first commented on other works. 150 KB, which equates to at least 20,000 words in a Microsoft Word file, is the maximum size for attachments. To attach a file, when creating a New Topic click on Additional Options. A box for attachments is revealed. Click Browse, then locate and select the applicable file. Next, provide details about the item you have attached in your postís main text/message box, including its length. Remember, because of time constraints some people may be put off by its length.
          -Another option for lengthier pieces is twinning. You can look for a twin on Sticky: Penfriends and Twinning.

4. Content: State clearly in the subject line if your prose contains swearing, violence or other adult content. is an open-access community, and posts on this forum can be read by anyone, including young children. Use judgement when posting material that might be unsuitable.
     -While we try hard to avoid censorship, material unsuitable for MWCís readership may be edited or deleted. This may be done without further reference to the poster.
     -Other forums may be better suited when work is clearly designed for an adult readership, such as

5. Formatting: Add an empty/blank line between paragraphs. Failing to do so is visually off-putting and difficult to read. When pasting a piece to a text/message box, you lose indentations and the space between paragraphs. Use your keyboardís enter/return key to add a space between each paragraph.

6. Name Calling: Such behavior will not be tolerated. If you disagree with a crit, by all means ask questions, but don't let your hackles rise because a review shocked you or contained feedback other than praise.

The Wrap Up
At the top of your post, state the genre and any information that may help members understand the context of your work, and the sort of help or feedback you desire.

Remember, youíre inviting comments /critiques when posting on the a review board. If you just want to share your work, you have the CHOICE of posting in The Gallery.

Not receiving the feedback/comments expected? See if any replies on the Critique thread relate to something in your work, and then make the necessary adjustments:

Bad Reaction: Negative reviews are NOT A PERSONAL ATTACK. If a fellow member took the time to critique, they probably saw potential. Cool off if you feel your temper rising. You might be surprised when you re-read the comment(s) and realize how they can help improve your craft.

Did someone point you towards this sticky? Take notice and read the guidelines. We all have to play by the same rules.

Newbies, we know youíre eager. Weíve all been there, but take a moment to introduce yourself on the Welcome Board. Doing so helps us know who you are, and you get the link to forum etiquette. Please note newbies you will be unable to delete or edit posts until you reach 50 posts.

Poets and Screenwriters, head to the Poets Corner or Review My Script, unless you have an article, short story or extract from your book to post here.


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