Voting Flash Fiction Challange #11

The Turning
3 (33.3%)
Be Brave Little Man
5 (55.6%)
Better off Dead than Half Dead
1 (11.1%)

Total Members Voted: 7

Voting closed: October 11, 2009, 05:42:51 AM

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Flash Fiction Challange #11 voting
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Could some kind Moerator please unsticky this?

Three good one hundred word stories to vote for folks.

And the winner is MARK!! over to you for the next one.

1. The Turning

I never envisioned my life ending this way, TIED TO THE BED, a TARMAC, sticky with my own blood, clinging to my skin. Only one option remained. The BITTER PILL Iíd hid in my cheek split open under the weight of my teeth. A vile liquid hammered my taste buds and sent my body into convulsions.

One, two, three - darkness extinguished the pain.

But my death lasted only minutes before my eyes, red and burning like flames, shot open. The serum coursed through me as I ripped the chains from my arms and went in search of my tormentors.

2. Be Brave Little Man

The truth is a BITTER PILL to swallow; but on this occasion I had no choice: I was TIED TO THE BED.

Lilly stared at me with eyes as black as a TARMAC drive on a rainy night. "Liar!" she yelled. Flecks of white frothy spittle decorated her chin like clumps of snow on a polished sand dune.

I flinched but didnít say a word. What could I say? She'd gagged me with her panties; and anyway I was right out of similes. I felt myself start to fade.

"CUT!" the director shouted. "Fetch the fluffer; he's lost wood again."

3. Better off dead than half dead.

     The weapon clicked dry as the last round fired out of the magazine. Staring across the TARMAC Jason gulped as the mob of hungry undead zombies rushed over their less fortunate comrades, food the only thing on their rotting minds.
     Retreating back into the hangar he pulled out a cyanide PILL and gulped the BITTER capsule, choosing death rather than becoming one of the tormented souls that moaned and shrieked in pain, neither alive nor dead. Screeches from a back office announced the creatures infiltration into the makeshift fort. Jason fell to his knees, the drug taking effect, then darkness.
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