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What's A Father
« on: May 20, 2006, 11:31:57 AM »
As Father's Day is not too far away, I wanted to share the following. Your comments and suggestions would be welcomed. If you like it, by all means use it, but be fair and give credit where credit is due. Peace to you!


What's a father?
To a small boy,
Hes everything!
He can outrun,
And outsmart,
Any man in the world.
He's the best dad on the block!

To a young school boy,
Hes all that
And more.
He's someone to talk to,
A best friend,
A tall,
(With a hearty laugh),
Who puts his arm around your shoulder
At the all star football game.

To the turbulent adolescent,
Hes the "Old Man,"
The understanding counsellor,
The (expletive deleted)
Who makes you meet your responsibilities,
Whether you like it or not,
--  And thank God for that!
He's the one man who cares enough to try and understand
Your ever changing moods.
Heaven knows,
THAT'S not an easy task!

To the youth of seventeen,
He seems to know so little,
And appears so seldom right.
And, yet,
When that same lad becomes a man,
And starts out on his own,
Theyre both amazed
How much the other one has grown!

As the years go by
And that once small boy
Becomes a father, too,
Its then, that boy,
Whos now the Dad,
Can fully understand.
As his own small boy sets out to be a man,
He sees how right he was
Some thirty years ago.
His IS the best dad on the block!
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Re: What's A Father
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2006, 10:25:56 PM »

I'm not in to critiqueing poems, because I don't really know all the "rules" anymore.  However, I do enjoy reading poems that are meaningful to me and easily understood.  I really liked your poem a lot.  It would be so nice if every father and son had the relationship that you described.  Thanks for sharing it.  --Carol