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Author Topic: Sticky: VOTING for Challenge 28 - The Hunter and the Hunted  (Read 958 times)

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Sticky: VOTING for Challenge 28 - The Hunter and the Hunted
« on: August 31, 2009, 07:23:17 AM »
My thanks to the 3 poets that entered this challenge.



Vengeance is yours.

But not today.
He murdered
my mother,
brothers and sisters
and stole my humanity.

Forgive me
one more time.

But today
vengeance is mine.

2) Slow Huntress

The hunt goes so very slowly,
so very very slow,
I can't believe
how long it's taking
her to find her underwear.

She's spent ten minutes
under the bed,
trying to find that damn left sock.

Now, she's in the lounge
trying to remember where
she threw her panties
and I'm lying in bed
thinking about how soon 9 comes.

There's a noise on the street,
like a motor going by.
Then it stops,
I peek out through the curtains.
It's just a Corsa.

So I go to help in the lounge,
but I'm not needed.
She's clutching that lacy little thing
which turns me on.
Then I hear the scratching
of my wife's key at the door.

3) Beautiful Hunter

Under the blazing sky I saw her
stripping naked on the water
Like a water nymph her beauty
she was indeed a beautiful prey

Slowly I stared at the bliss
of her lusty piercing hips
And a pair of her sweet lips
told me to deliver a kiss

Her emerald eyes caught mine
but the stare said it was fine
So there was my pleasure find
aware nothing to my end

Stripped me naked she did
and it felt so splendid
My hunter wild instinct said
it was a fine time to eat

So a sweet kiss I gave her
to welcome a cold smile of her
A stab of wicked knife on my belly
then I knew…I was the prey

I was meant to be the hunter
of lust of passion and of desire
Never knew that she was a hunter
until I am no more

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