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Miss Penny--Part 2
« on: May 12, 2006, 01:48:04 PM »
(Miss Penny is still sitting in the back yard with Frogbert.)

    Then she asked:  "Would you like to be my secret friend?"

    "R-r-r-ivet?" asked Frogbert, to the word secret.

    "Secret...because my parents would not approve of you."
    "R-r-r-ivet!" replied Frogbert rather excitedly.  Then he closed one eye--the way Hector, the neighbor's bulldog, always closed one eye when he wanted to be petted on the head.

    So Miss Penny petted the lumpy-bumpy bullfrog head.  At first, it was an icky feeling.  Kind of slimy.  It made goose bumps go up and down Penny's arms and neck.  But before long she became accustomed to the slimy, bumpy body.  At last, she said:  "You're not such a dumb froggy after all, Frogbert!"  And Frogbert croaked softly, happily.

    However, something had to go wrong that day.  Something always seems to go wrong around the Pumper-Nickel house when things are done differently.  And Mrs. Pumper-Nickel did something VERY different!  She prepared the turkey dinner, as usual, but fixed the dressing in a separate dish.  Why?  Because Dr. Pumper-Nickel did not like turkey dressing.  Not the least.  But Miss Penny and her mother simply loved turkey dressing!   So the turkey hollow was left empty, with nothing to sop up those yummy juices.   

    Whatever the reason, the catnapping Mrs. Pumper-Nickel suddenly awoke.  And she realized the house was too quiet.  "Penny?" she asked.  No answer.  She jumped from the rocker and hurried to Penny's room.  There was Dolly on the floor…but no Penny.  She saw the back door open, so she thundered across the living room, flung open the screen door and bellowed:  "Miss Penny, you get into this house at once!"  Angrily, the large Mrs. Pumper-Nickel went to Penny’s bedroom to fetch the big wooden spoon that hung on her wall, a spoon reserved for such rare occasions.

    Horrors!  Forgetting about Frogbert, Miss Penny flew up the stairs and quickly entered the house.  Then in the kitchen something even more frightening happened.  "R-r-r-ivet."  Miss Penny just about croaked!  Frogbert had slipped inside the big pocket of her satin dress.

    Not thinking, not even realizing what she was doing, Miss Penny blindly, desperately jerked open what she thought was the potato bin, and gave Frogbert a quick toss, hoping to hide the evidence of her newfound friend.

    Then hot air and the smell of turkey hit Penny in the face.  The OVEN?  Rats!  She jerked open the oven door, with hope against hope, saying:  "Frogbert!" Frogbert.

    Miss Penny cried.  No, not because of the wooden spoon, for Mrs. Pumper-Nickel had found Miss Penny already weeping and decided to merely scold her young daughter instead of giving her a spanking.  But Miss Penny was actually crying because her Frogbert was gone forever!

    However, the worst was yet to come!  You see, when Dr. Pumper-Nickel had returned home from delivering Marsha’s baby, the Pumper-Nickels sat at the dinner table to enjoy the turkey dinner.  And when the doctor bowed his partly bald head to give thanks, Miss Penny wondered if her father knew anything about her wild exploration in the back yard.  Strangely, nothing had been mentioned about the incident up to this point. 

    But even more strange was that sound.  As the odors of turkey and gravy, sweet potatoes and corn-on-the-cob filled the air and made Miss Penny's mouth water, she thought...she heard....No, it couldn't be!  Not listening any more to the prayer but listening for that sound, Penny then heard nothing.  Yet, she squirmed in her seat at the very thought.
    There!  That sound!  Louder than before.  Was Miss Penny going crazy?  She peeped open one eye, just one.  And the doctor thought he had heard something.  So he also peeped open one eye, as he continued to pray.  And when the two searching eyeballs met with a suddenness that startled both persons, and when the doctor realized he was repeating himself over and over, he concluded it quickly:  "Amen."

    "Well Mother," said the doctor, inhaling deeply, "it smells like you're finally learning to cook!"  He winked at Penny.
    Mrs. Pumper-Nickel only nodded.  She did not want to get distracted as she prepared to carve the turkey.  All at once, when she pushed the long fork into the roasted hen, the turkey gave this eerie:  "R-r-r- ivet."

    "My God!" gasped Mrs. Pumper-Nickel.

    "My Lord!" grumbled Dr. Pumper-Nickel.

    Miss Penny only squirmed in her seat.

    "Mother, are you sure that thing is dead?" asked the doctor.

    Mrs. Pumper-Nickel, eyeing the turkey, said nothing.  She merely waited.  Possibly she expected the thing to stand up on the platter and speak.  Whatever the reason, she waited.  Nothing.  No sound.  No squawk.  Not even a turkey leg kicked. Therefore, she went back to carving, this time pushing the fork right through the middle.  True, this is not the proper way of doing it, but Mrs. Pumper-Nickel was going to be sure the thing was dead.


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Re: Miss Penny--Part 2
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Oh, how could you do that to Frogbert? :'(

Just off to read the conclusion ;)

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