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Writers Wanted for Indie Film Website
« on: July 21, 2009, 04:34:20 PM »
We're looking for articles to post on the "Starting Over" section of our new website, coming this fall. The site will promote a new indie comedy/drama, "Phil Cobb's Dinner for Four". We'd like to build a community of readers who can empathize with Phil Cobb's on-again/off-again life. So if you have an inspirational or entertaining take on some of the pain, heartache, and heartburn you've been through as a result of a break-up, divorce, pink slip, alcohol addiction, cross country move or relocation, please submit. You can view the trailer for "Phil Cobb's Dinner for Four" at

Please include your bio and byline (or pseudonym). Your bio can include links to your website or any pertinent webpages. You can mention upcoming works or previous works, note any upcoming events such as a book signing or speaking engagement. You may submit a photograph that we can spotlight. We encourage you to promote yourself to make this worth your while.

Since our website is not a literary site and because film typically engages such a wide ranging audience, we're hoping you can reach and cultivate an entirely new group of fans.

SUBMISSIONS: Creative non-fiction, fiction, first or third person accounts. Submit query or complete ms as an MSWord file with bio by email. Byline or pseudonym. Up to 1,000 words. Format single or double-spaced. Web publication. Bio, up to 50 words, can include links to your website or relevant webpages; include any notices.
USE: Submissions will be posted on in the "Starting Over" section for one to two week intervals.
DEADLINE: Rolling submissions. Next deadline, August 23rd.

Thanks for reading this post and may your writing career flourish.

Laurene Williams
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