Author Topic: Introduction to my novel (not suitable for readers under 13)  (Read 3396 times)

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My novel, latest revision:


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Re: Part Two of my novel (sex themes, not graphic, self-rated 13+)
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Jed, I read through your synopsis and this part of your novel, and it's an intriguing story and a very strong novel idea. I'm impressed with your writing. You have some wonderful dialogue and characters that cause me to care about them.

One suggestion: Are you familiar with the scene/sequel method of writing? As I read, I wasn't clear on the scene goal in this passage. It seems to me that you have one, but that you might not be focusing on a single goal in each scene, and readers need to know exactly what the character wants in each scene in order to root for her and hope she gets it--usually only to have their hopes dashed, which keeps them reading. 

You've created a lot of good complications and tension, but I think that you might make a single scene goal clearer to readers. You can read more about this here: and other articles about scenes are listed on this page:
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