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« on: January 14, 2006, 08:32:43 PM »
Patience is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Too bad a person can't buy a box or a bottle of it to use when one runs out. There are times I have lots of patience, I know that a novel will probably take a year or so to complete, specially being as I am a newbie. I know that each day that passes I write more, I study more and I learn more. I know that, and yet the urge to have a novel published is like having a demon with a cat o nine tails standing behind me, goading me on, saying "Hurry, hurry, hurry up fool, before your time is up!" I try to ignore it, and mostly I succeed, but every now and then he sneaks up on me again. It's at those times that I appreciate being able to communicate with other writers, knowing that they too must fight off this demon of impatience. A work well done takes all the patience, love and care that ones heart can pour into it, doesn't it. Just thought I'd get a new topic started,  ;) Aelf


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Re: Patience
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2006, 03:47:45 AM »
Very true what Aelfwin writes here and it is even true for every phase in the book-busilness.
When you have finished your book, you are satisfied and impatient, you want people to read it. The publishers however force you to be patient. You are surprised of the system. There is not much interest for your book. They want a perfect letter and a perfect synopsis. No interest at all for your masterpiece. You get the feeling that being an unpublished author makes it almost impossible to submit your manuscript, one day you certainly want to give up, but you don't.
One day and mostly unexpected, you find a publisher and you are excited. You already see your future as a writer, fame and glory. Again after a long period (I was lucky here) you book is finally published. You think that this is the end of the story and that everything will go smooth now. Wrong! This is in fact the real beginning. You have to promote your book and try to sell it and your experience will be that in fact nobody seems intersted. In this period, you will make big mistakes and take thel wrong tracks, before you are aware you are involved in the unbelievable internet-business. It is all new for you and you think people are honest. Wrong, it is a big fraud. You will learn a lot and become much, much more selective, you are aware now that you don't need masses of people, you just need the right people's interest for your book. I am now in that phase.
But it is all the time: be patient and certainly don't give up.

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Re: Patience
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2006, 12:33:11 PM »
I heard once (more than once actually) that someone famous said that "Patience is the only virtue that makes more of itself."  I think he/she was right.  True patience does that.  In the same mysterious way that coathangers secretly mate and multiply in your closet.  And once you get a taste of the real thing, patience is addictive.  Talk about a happy pill - no pressure inside or out, no panic, no pain.  Just the sweet, sweet moment where you can enjoy the process and not worry about the outcome.

The main responsibility of a writer is to present yourself to the page.  Everything else is irrelevant. 

So I'm told.   ;)