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"Sophia" #6...for you who care...
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...She knew that Sophia suffered from the stigma of belonging to a segment of the population that was isolated from the norm. In her mind she was chosen for greatness, belonging to the gifted;
misunderstood by society to the point of isolation. They had put her behind fences at the hospital and again in school. Yes, with all her heart she wanted to be normal. Going to a regular school afforded her proper education, something the twins had driven into her with their attempts at teaching, by dragging her to the library whenever they spied one. She even set her heart on college whenever she thought of school. 
Her eyes lit up as Rene’ continued talking and a light flush spread over her cheeks.
“How do I get to do that?” she asked in anticipation.
Rene’ produced the three bottles Mr. Halim had prepared and held them out to her. Sophia reached for them but Rene’ snatched them back.
“Listen to me! I brought you in here because this is very important. If you want to try
this...” she held the bottles up again, “it’s going  to be very hard. The pills will only work if you go exactly by the program! It means that you can’t eat one bite of food that is not allowed. You will have your own food and it is going to be expensive. I want to do this for you but you will have to do your part a hundred percent. The pills are very powerful and if you cheat and eat something
weird there is no telling what might happen to you.”   
They were both serious, contemplating. Sophia, the consequences, Rene’ wondering if she understood.
“I’m going to give you some time to think it over and when you are ready we’ll go food
shopping together.”
She reached over,
“I love you!”   
“Love you too.” said Sophia.

She had to consult with the family. She had looked for them as they entered but they were
conspicuously absent. She was indecisive, void of their support. In her room they congregated around her but their power was diminished. They had been silent, weak, anemic and appeared defeated. Today was no different, objections were barely audible and sounded like some distant thunder, too far away to be of any threat. Of course they didn’t want changes; new pills or dangerous experiments. In the end she won a weak victory.

She and Rene’ went shopping. Her menu was formulated as closely as possible to that of the family. Sophia had already come through the worst and the added restrictions were relatively easy. She managed to take pride in her accomplishments and obediently swallowed her pills. The pounds dropped off, melting like snow in the sun. A couple of months later another shopping spree proved a fun trip for the family ending with Brian joining them again for dinner at a restaurant.

Six months later she completed her first semester in high school with ever increasing academic improvements. She tipped the scales at a hundred twenty five pounds, down fifty five from the weight she had carried over the thresh hold when she first entered the Dawson home.   
She was making new friends and Kelly invited her to some of her outings. Even Susan
warmed up to her, though keeping a wary eye on her still.

                                                        Chapter 10

Billy Granger was a lanky, red headed, freckle faced boy of seventeen with the bluest
eyes she had ever seen...

I am anxious to tell you about Billy.


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Re: "Sophia" #6...for you who care...
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Sophia is blessed to have someone to invest all that time and energy in her.
Oh...I hope Billy doesn’t sabotage her diet.  ~ Sherry


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Re: "Sophia" #6...for you who care...
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Hi girl, Billy is out there now, please read and answer my question.
Did you know that this is from real life?


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Re: "Sophia" #6...for you who care...
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Yes, I know it’s from real life. She was a luck girl. ~ Sherry

Off to check on Billy…