Author Topic: When Would You Like to Have Lived?  (Read 3659 times)

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Re: When Would You Like to Have Lived?
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As the Nana, I can tell you that your Nan is looking at the ease of things today even compared to thirty years ago.

Here is a typical grandmother story:
When I was young (don't you just HATE that beginning?)

Anyway, when I had to write a paper, I had to go to the library and find the books I was going to need. They had an index but no real "search" feature. You pretty much had to at least skim the parts you were going to possibly need and then really read large chunks to get the information. And you had to lug them around with you as you did this.

Then you would get your material together. You ALWAYS wrote it out longhand first because typewriters do not have a backspace key. Well, they do, but they don't work like computer screens. You couldn't really compose at the keyboard.

And when you hit the wrong letter, it was really difficult to correct. And you got points taken off for spelling and no one cared if it was a typo and there was no delete feature. And if you went past your margin on the bottom, you had to retype the whole page again because they would take points off for THAT, too.

And so, your Nan is looking at how easy it is for you to get a paper written, perhaps. All you do is go to a site that has papers listed, find one you like, copy it and paste it. Or if you have a computer savvy teacher, you have to rework it a bit before you hand it in.

Or, and this is a big OR, you might actually do your own research and write your own paper. And even then, everything remains portable as long as  you keep your links with you. No lugging around huge books. Search really finds the words you want. And the backspace and delete keys work for real and spell check will find many or your typos.

I could go on for other parts of old people's lives    ;D

But you probably get the idea from here that like all of us looking back at history, we aren't looking at the bigger picture. Re-read Country4Gal's piece and see what you think. She is probably your Nan's age or at least similar.
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Re: When Would You Like to Have Lived?
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I'm quite happy with the here and now, but I wouldn't mind a trip back to the Victorian Age. As I am a bit of a fan of Dickens would be interesting to have a quick peek around Victorian London.
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