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Call for Anthology Manuscripts
« on: April 03, 2009, 01:32:36 AM »
Editors looking for manuscripts from people in their upper-fifties through sixties who have something to say about their life experience.  Send true stories that you had during the 60’s that have resonated with you all your life.  What gift could you give others in the sharing of your story? (Maximum 1500 words.) 

Consider any of the following points (or none of them) to write a cohesive, emotionally engaging short story about your youth, heart-warming reminiscences, pathos, flower power, Haight-Ashbury, Viet Nam, Woodstock, the Beatles, etc.  Portray dynamic individuals who changed your life, were your role models and who showed you something you had never considered.  What wisdom, what insights, and what knowledge have you gained during the intervening years?

Please do answer or address the following question:
If you could say or express one thing that you believe in your deepest heart of hearts would change the world for the better, what would that be?  Be honest and tell your truth.  Think Chicken Soup for the SoulTM.

Payment at present is shared revenue of profits, specifics to be determined by number of participants, and other minor details.

Send via email, either in the body or as attachment (Mac or RTF/TEXT) to: Write “SUBMISSION:  What I’ve Learned” in subject line.  Failing to do so may cause your manuscript to be lost as spam.

I thank you beforehand for your heart-felt work,
Susan Patton Sawyer, Assistant Editor Books