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The Wall Street Wannabees
« on: May 18, 2009, 10:13:33 PM »
Another AM at Java Joe's, once again on line in back of a dozen Wall Street Wannabees. I have nothing to contemplate but “large coffee please” while I see the brokers’ lips moving as they practice under their breath, the complex names and instructions they are about bombard the barrista with to construct a drink with an impressive name.

Its obvious they’re not here for the coffee, which tends to be bitter, it must be the ordering ritual they enjoy so much. I’ll never understand why the young wannabees are so obsessed with perfecting this little game.
They overlook the fact that anybody of substance would never have the time or patience to worry about admittance to this caffeine subculture.  One must learn a new language just to describe an item that should be a two-syllable noun.  They practice a new kind of etiquette just to slurp a pretty lousy cup of coffee.

It’s really pathetic how these young fella’s navigate the uncertain waters of stocks and bonds, knowing just how expendable they are. Any market fluctuation can flush them out to sea like so much plankton, for the whales to gulp, tons at a time.  

At least they’ll still have a stool waiting at the coffee shop upon their return from the financial wars. Maybe, pouring coffee is their real skill set. Certainly they have more knowledge about coffee, from plantation to spout, than they ever knew about the workings of the financial markets.
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