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Hi Y'all!

I did introduce myself via the welcome board so some of you might remember me but just in case...

I am a thirty something mother of 2, lover and partner of one, teacher to hundreds and writer of many. I write Fantasy and Sci - Fi mainly and I am always interested in reading and reviewing other peep's writing. Hence the reason I have joined various writing websites.

I find that reading helps to broaden my writing (don't worry, I never plagiarize) and often gets me out of trouble when I get a Block or a Jam.

I will be posting some of my own work up shortly but I wanted to tell you all about the work of a friend of mine. He's actually got his debut novel published and I feel that this is an accomplishment that should be shouted about from the roof tops... unfortunately he's far too modest to do much shouting, so I thought I would do some for him.

Chris Orland is my department's Administrative Assistant and one of the school's many Cover Supervisors. He is the unsung hero that takes over when one of us is ill and makes sure that the work is done.

He has worked for the BBC, Trinity College London and various schools around Stroud and Bristol. None of this has deterred his interest in creative writing. He has written comedy scripts with Gavin Stoker for both radio and TV and has dabbled in screenplay.

This time though he has has written a novel. "The Ubiquitous man:Travel beyond the Brink" is his debut novel. I've included the blurb below to give you an idea of what it's like -

"A vivid and mesmerising high-tech thriller that speculates on the field of commercial teleportation. The year is 2104 and the teleportation of people from one continent to another has become an expensive and controversial reality.

Hotshot salesman Guy Rennix of UK firm Tempus Biotronics is offered a business trip from London to New York, traveling via the ultimate mode of transport.

Soon after his arrival in the States, Guy is plunged into a mystery that threatens not only his freedom but also his life. GTP, the multibillion-dollar conglomerate that delivers teleportation, appears to be the source of the problem.

Guy decides to risk everything by staying in New York alone to search for answers. As he edges nearer to what seems an impossible truth, the revelations start piling up until eventually Guy reaches a discovery of monumental proportions.

I am in the process of reading it and I can already tell you that it is worth reading. I'll report back once I have finished it (the marking is getting in the way again) with a full review.

I hope that you don't mind me doing this and if you are interested in reading more than just the blurb (it got me hooked within a page which is always a good sign) it's available on Amazon where it has an excerpt published.

Enjoy Chris's work and I hope that you'll enjoy mine just as much - I'm away to post my first piece!