Author Topic: Some thoughts on forum feedback and a big thanks as my story has been published  (Read 1062 times)

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I'm not around these parts much these days as demands of work and family keep me busy, but I wanted to let you all know about a MWC success story. I hope you can stay with me as it's a bit of a ramble!

I've written three short stories ever and one story for children. Showing anyone these was terrifying. But I kept returning to the same stories and tweaking them as I wanted them to be as good as possible. Now and again I popped up on here asking for feedback. I braced myself and the feedback started to come. Mostly it was positive and always it was constructive.

Now and again someone would make a comment that was initially hard to take on board (I'm a curmedgeonly sort!) but with time and thought I began to accept, welcome even the constructive comments. One story in particular was my favourite and it went down well on these boards and elsewhere but I knew it wasn't suitable for any markets I could think of so it sat on my computer not doing much.

Latest feedback here was that there was too much 'showing not telling' - I bristled at that suggestion but went back over it, this was useful advice!

Then I hit on the idea of producing a collection of new writing to raise money for charity, published through and we did this v quickly through the social networking site Twitter, Nick helped spread the word and blogged about the project.

Four judges were appointed and I submitted my story anonymously, none of the judges had seen it before. With the 'showing not telling' advice ringing in my ears, I re-wrote the piece again, making it as succinct as I could. Upshot is the judges loved it and it made it in. I am over the moon. Out of more than 70- submissions, with 12 selected, that's not bad!

So there you have it. Thank you to everyone who has commented on my writing  and thank you for the wonderful, supportive community this forum provides. I hope this post is a useful inspiration in some way.

Of course now I want to add the link for this collection of new comedy writing and hope that you can support our project to raise as much money as possible for Comic Relief by buying a download or printed version. Nobody involved is taking any money for their work and all proceeds are going to the charity to make a difference to lives in the UK and Africa. Thank you for reading!

Here it is:

Best wishes and much love,

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Just noticed your post LJ and wanted to congratulate you. That is one of those stories I love to hear, just sticking to it and takin on board the advice given has made a great difference by the sounds. I will pop over to Lulu and check it out when I get time for sure.  ;D ;D
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 :) Congratulations. Well done. You must be feeling over the moon. So nice to hear of someone having success.

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Linda, you said a lot of nice things about MWC, and I agree with you on all of them.

But in the end, you are the one who did the work needed - so;

Congratulations Lady.

Now, get busy with the next one.  ;)

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Thanks  :)

Thousands of people are clicking on to look at the book on Lulu - I hope they turn into sales!
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