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e-Critique group - This was posted twice in error
« on: February 22, 2009, 06:47:28 AM »
Hi Everyone

I have placed this post in the Coffee Shop as its not a Writers Wanted really, its more of a friendly request among you active members. 

A couple or three MWC members are very interested in putting together an e-team for critique.

Some of us already have a novel in the making, some more experienced than others.  It was put to me recently that we need a deeper support for our work, especially the lonely souls out there who don't get that support on a local level.  MWC is great on a wider scale, but after discussion we felt we needed a small group to help each other on a more personal scale a kind of "e-writers group" among like minded people who have got to know each other and the trust is already there.

Our idea is that we will need up to six serious writers,  The e- critique team,each Friday, will send one page of A4 double line spacing TNR 12 to the next person on the list of 6 persons. This should be returned by Monday evening to that person.  The following Friday you send whatever text you would like for some critque, to the next person in rotation.  Each member of the team will provide as much feedback as possible on that piece of text.  Half a page or even a couple of sentences will do.  No editing is required unless you offer it.  Some writers don't like their stories plastered all over the internet and this  idea will provide  privacy.  So far there has been much interest.  We will all get to know each other's style and provide a personal service where all of us benefit. 

The text will be an area you wish to work on and if you want you can send the same text to the next person on the list having taken into account the comments from the previous week.

We would like to consider taking on a mini team of writers with varying genres, Non fiction, fantasy, romance whatever.  If you wish to copy this idea for your team of 6 we could swap around at the end of the 2009.  Each team will have a co-ordinator ( probably me for our group)

If you like this idea, it is preferred that the team are situated in the UK so that from time to time it might be possible to meet up once a year. ( I can come over from Holland any time)

Please send me a PM if you would like to be part of our team.  We need three more people but there is nothing to stop you from doing the same thing with a team of your own.  I will provide you with a "starter pack"

Please let me have your feedback if you would like to be part of our little group of 6.

Send me a PM please if you would like to do this.  More information as soon as we have our team together.

All the best

Lin x
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Re: e-Critique group - friendly writers wanted
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This page is an error please reply on a PM - the page has been duplicated.  I cannot delete it.  My connection to MWC goes off every Sunday, I have no idea why.  So I posted the first one in the middle of the connection dying on me to discover it wasnt there when I looked.  I posted again and found I had two!!  I've been without MWC for a full day yesterday.

All other sites work, its a problem I've had for a number of weeks.  Karl tells me I cant do anything about it.

Lin x