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#P3 (the next page) Scattered Quarry
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This is page three: Scattered Quarry

     Dean could tell she had been crying and was about to start again. She looked relieved to hear him say those words. He pressed to get out of there faster not knowing if she had a tail. Taking her to a motel seemed the best course of action. She could rest and fill him in on all the details of why Jim sent her.

     Before they could go, he had to sanitize her, making sure she wasn’t bugged or tracked in any way.

“What’s your name?”

“Samantha Bennett.”

“Okay Samantha from now on you’ll be Karen….Black and…”

“I hate that name, when I was in school a girl named Karen picked on me.”

Dean chuckled he knew the feeling. “Okay you look like a….Windy, how’s that suit you?”

She nodded but didn’t say anything as she fought the tears. This girl was tired.

“Windy, I need you to empty your purse on the table. We need to look at everything; you can’t have anything you walked in with.”

     She dumped her purse and emptied her pockets while he looked through everything. Dean pulled the battery out of her cell phone and took apart all her pens. After he looked at the pieces, he dropped them in an empty coffee can.

“Rings, watch and necklace too”

     Windy scowled and huffed but she did as he asked. Dean opened his gym-bag, took out a running suit and pointed her toward the bathroom.

“Go in there and change into this, bring me everything you have on now.”

“Is that really necessary; what do you think they bugged my panties, come on get real.”

     Dean didn’t say a word but the look he shot her direction made her shut up and do that too. While she was changing, he found a miniature Jump-drive for a computer and electronic Dictaphone in her purse.

     Windy came back, holding her pants up so they wouldn’t fall off. He asked her about the chip and the recorder while he tied the drawstring on her sweats. “Why do you have these?”

“Those we gotta keep.”

“What’s so important about them?”

Her eyebrows narrowed and her jaw clinched, the look of hate washed over her. “Those bastards killed my father and Mr. Buscetta and I have the whole thing on tape, well not tape but on that chip-thingy and the jump-drive has evidence of a thousand crimes.”

“Why didn’t you give these to Jim Campbell?”

“I did but he started checking his mirror while we drove to the airport and he gave them back. He told me to give them to you for safe keeping.”

Dean slipped them in his pocket and looked through the clothes she just took off. After he looked at her bra and panties, he stuffed them into the gym-bag. “When we get to a motel I’ll give these back but we’ll get the rest replaced because I need to be sure you don’t have any tracking devices on you.”

“What about my rings?”

“They stay here too, if no one has trailed you, we’ll get them later but we’ve gotta go now. Once we get settled, I need you to tell me everything you know about your father’s murder.”

     Dean handed her a floppy hat that looked as if it were run over by a truck a few times. They locked up and stone threw a small hand full of baby-powder into the air so it formed a thin blanket of dust on the floorboards before he locked the back door.

 The roadside motel wasn’t fancy but he felt safer once he got her inside.

“I need to get a few things before we hit the road. You stay inside and I’ll be back as soon as I can. Are you listening; Don’t open this door for anyone.” *
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