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Re: Why There Are Rules for Writing
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I'm surprised no one has said this yet.  It's simpler than all that. The reason there are rules for writing is: the reader.

Past writers, recent and ancient, gained the experienced to see what works for the reader and what does not.  These 'rules' are guideposts to show what excites, enthralls, and holds readers.

They exist to tell us what will work, and what doesn't in fiction. They exist so new writers don't have to reinvent the wheel each time they write. They exist for our readership.

This is the reason they say you can break the rules if you know them.  If you know what excites and charms readers, you can break the rules if you know the effect is the same or better.

Remember, you're no writer without a reader. We write for our readers.  And the 'rules' tell us what they want.

That's why the rules exist.


Isn't it funny how we are all up on our writing and we don't usually talk about our readers/fan base (if one has one).
I agree with you Wolf, when I think about it, that makes total sense.