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I have seen it done in a work of fiction. I cannot remember the title but it is about a Magician's apprentice who brings forth a demon who has been all over History. He'll make references and explain things in the foot notes, or if he wants to explain his thoughts he would still do it in foot notes.

I just thought that since I do have some technical terms, as what a Hound is in the society of by sub-fearies culture, that a footnote would be better than an info dump.

The following is not of the same book that the  first three to four scenes are from, but an earlier book explaining the back story of my character Gael Fabrice.


   He slid the brush through dove white hair with a flick of his wrist. Dressed for travel, Gael mentally ticked off the number of brush strokes. He did not think of himself as vain, however, this action of stroking his hair a thousand times and counting each stroke to the finish was something that he remembered his mother teaching him.

   A knock to the door and he quickly put his brush in the chalice as Marjory walked into the room; “Brushing your hair again?” she teased.
   “I have not been at ease lately,” Gael replied.
   “I understand, I only tease you because it is such a womanly thing,” Marjory giggled.
   “You are feeling better today?” Gael asked.
   “Yes, I hate the period of having raging hormones, but it is past and you shall not have to worry about it for another six months,” Marjory replied.
   “Ah,” Gael nodded his head.
   “I may have a lead on our errant Prince,” Marjory changed the subject.
   “Oh?” Gael checked his chalice one more time before he tucked it under his arm and led Marjory out of the bedroom.

   “Yes, Venice,” Marjory said.
   “I hear Italy is beautiful this time of year,” Gael replied.
   “Hmmmm, we should be able to enjoy the country side,” Marjory replied. Her dark green eyes glinted as they stepped into a courtyard. Waiting for them were two horses, both geldings, one a golden chestnut and the other white as spring time clouds.
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