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A Taste of Red - part 1 (866 words)
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This is just a short story I wrote some time ago, based on a well known fairy tale. I tried to keep the Fairy-tale feel to it, but added my own twist, of course.
Hope you like it. I'll post it in three (or four) installments.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, in a world much like our own, a young man stole through the dark streets of the City at night. His skin was whiter than snow, his lips redder than blood and his hair silver as the moonshine. His movements were graceful and elegant as he made his way through the labyrinth of murky, desolate alleys until he quite suddenly found himself on a broad, well lit boulevard. Keeping to the shadows, he hurried along, obviously ill at ease now.

The young heiress to the Cesstan fortune sat upright in her bed immediately, her heart beating wildly in her chest. What was that sound? Tic-toc-tic! There it was again.

“Pssst!” a voice whispered just outside the window, “pssst!”

Cautiously, she got out of the bed, tiptoed to the window and opened it by no more than an inch.

“Furea,” a muted voice greeted her, “are you ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” she whispered back, opening the window just wide enough to let her through.

“I thought you’d never come, my love.”

She looked at him expectantly, her full red lips slightly parted in anticipation of his kiss.


“We should go now,” he let go of her reluctantly, “we want to be as far away from here as possible by daybreak, or we’ll be in more trouble than you can imagine.”

The car that stood waiting for them in a deserted part of the forest just outside the city was old, and probably not very good, but as long as it would get them away from the danger they were in, that was all they could ask for.

They drove all night, into ever more deserted land until they arrived at a rundown old brick manor, early in the morning.

“I’m sorry; it’s the best I could do,” Fessar apologized as he opened the door to their new home, “but at least we can be together here.”

“It’s alright, Fessar. We’ll turn this gloomy place into a real home, filled with warmth, happiness and joy.”

Furea and Fessar got married that same day. There was no party, and nobody witnessed the event, except the goddess of love – The Invisible One – but they were happy to be husband and wife now.

They didn’t mind that they’d had to leave everything behind because both their families had disapproved of their love for each other.

Unlike her parents and grandparents, she didn’t care that Fessar and his family were the outcasts of society.

And unlike his many relatives, Fessar didn’t mind that she wasn’t like them and didn’t have the gift of long life. He would just love her for as long as they were given to be together, and after that – well, he didn’t really want to think of the “after that” yet.

They made love to each other often, and with such passion as was seldom seen between ordinary mortals. A passion so divine, the goddess of love decided to bless the young couple with the perfect gift: a very special child.

A year later – their house had become a warm and welcoming home – the product of their love was born: a girl with a skin white as snow, hair black as ebony and lips red as blood.

Feanna was the most beautiful baby they’d ever seen, and way too soon she grew up into an even more beautiful little lady. A girl of an almost angelic beauty - and yet, that wasn’t even the most special gift that had been given to her.


Furea and Fessar enjoyed their own little family so much, they often forgot about their sad past. The family could be heard singing and laughing together – the high, silvery laugh of little Feanna rising up to the heavens, from where the gods looked down on them. Most of them happy to see such love and harmony amongst mere mortals; yet one of them did not approve of what he saw: the god of chaos.

Furea got pregnant again, and both Fessar and his wife were delighted that they were going to have another child.

But only a few weeks before her due date, Furea got severely ill and died – the babe in her womb died with its mother. They were buried together under a tall tree in the family’s garden.

Fessar was inconsolable. He didn’t eat, didn’t sleep. He wore the same clothes day in day out; never even thought of taking a shower or comb his hair. He even forgot about his beautiful daughter, who needed him so badly now that her mother had died.

Little Feanna who would sit quietly in her room, talking to an imaginary friend. She never cried, but her eyes showed a grief that went beyond ordinary human comprehension. A grief that would eventually awaken the special gift that had been given to her before she was born.

And the gods looked down on the broken hearted father and daughter and cried. But the god of chaos smiled his wicked smile, happy that his plans were finally working out. It was time for him to put the second part of his devious plan into action.

(to be continued)

Part 2:
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Re: A Taste of Red - part 1 (866 words)
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That was just mean Nel.

Mean to stop right there when I was deeply involved and waiting to see what that wicked little god has in mind now.

Waiting . . .

Waiting . . .

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Re: A Taste of Red - part 1 (866 words)
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I know it was mean.

But I'll be good post part 2 tomorrow. I wouldn't want to overload the forum, would I?  ;D


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Re: A Taste of Red - part 1 (866 words)
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Re: A Taste of Red - part 1 (866 words)
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That's so sad.  I have to go read part 2 right now.


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Re: A Taste of Red - part 1 (866 words)
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Yeah, bad little god of chaos, huh?
Nasty piece of work, that guy.  ;D