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Chapter 1 opening, YA fantasy (380 words)
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Everly Peris surged forward, her graceful strides picking up speed as she sprinted down the winding road. The frigid air had transformed itself during the course of her morning run – what had almost deterred her from stepping a foot outside, now offered a refreshing remedy for the rigorous exercise. She expected to enjoy a lazy morning at home, but at seven forty-five she awoke out of a nightmare, haunted by the swirling flames that entrapped her on a jagged rock in the ocean. The waves crashed into the fire, creating their own violent curls, the opposing elements forming a whirlwind around her. All of a sudden, her mirrored image rose out of the water and she saw herself drenched to the core, her skin stark white and her eyes blackened with sorrow. The image stepped onto a wave, its glowing hands reaching for the flames, raising them higher until they came tumbling down over her. Everly stretched her arms out as though she could push the fire away, only a bright light shot out and the fear snapped her eyes open.

Unable to fall back to sleep, she threw on her running gear and decidedly braved the cold December weather. It was peaceful, with school let out and the shops closed there had only been two cars that passed her by, the only accompaniment being the rustling trees and the seagulls squawking in the harbor. Feeling much more invigorated, she ran past the docks and turned onto Barrows Road, finally slowing down as she arrived at a long narrow driveway lined with dewy evergreens.

She loved this time of year, when the lampposts leading up the drive were sprinkled with snow and the house at the end was all dressed up in garlands and wreaths. What had once been a decaying waterfront property, was now a beautiful family home that her parents had faithfully restored to its former glory. A bespoke glass greenhouse had replaced the shell of a barn, while the interior was painted and primped with care to maintain the home’s original features. The crumbling tower attached to the living room was given a makeover; the three reconstructed levels now included a full gallery at the top which offered perfect views of the coastline and neighboring Ashbury Forest.
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