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~12~Touching Words Between Them
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The whole story is posted on my blog at this link:

~12~ Touching Words Between Them

     Faith seemed to have a little more bounce in her, this gave Gary pleasure just being part of her joy and seeing the changes in her. She wanted to keep all the plastic beads she won and the flowers he bought her so Gary made arraignments to have a box of stuff sent to his home in Vegas. The clothes Beth left for them and even the card Billy sent was added to the parcel. At the last minute, Faith grabbed the black stilettos back out of the box before the valet sealed it.

     Gary took his turn in the shower so he didn’t see Faith change from the go-go boots to the high-heels. Still drying his hair on a towel, he told her how they were going to push for Houston before stopping.

“It’s not as long a ride and we’ll still have some time to look around if you want.”

    Looking up from putting his own boots on Gary wondered why Faith was grinning. Posing herself in the chair directly across from him, she crossed her legs placing both hands on her knees. The way she batted her eyes Gary knew she was goofing off purposely trying to distract him. He wished he had a camera to save that moment knowing it would make the perfect picture for his desk. With his thoughts already on the road and the light streaming in from the balcony Gary still hadn’t noticed she was wearing her high heels instead of her boots. This painted a playful pout on her face as she wiggled her foot, re-crossed her legs the other way and did almost everything but point directly at them.

     Faith got up and sauntered over to pick up his shirt for him, like a New York Runway model she tossed it over her shoulder and danced her way back around the couch. The harder she tried to get him to look at her feet the more frustrated she got as his eyes never went below what he called her sexy little ass.

     That did it; finally, she playfully lifted her foot and dug her heel into his lap very near to a most tender area.  When he finally noticed, it made sense why she had been acting so flamboyant.

     Grabbing her wrist instead of the shirt, he spun her around. The next thing she knew, she was sitting sideways in his lap being showered with kisses and the tickle-attack made her squeal.

“So that’s what I was suppose to notice,”

“I couldn’t believe how long it took you to see them.”

“Well baby-doll you did have other things distracting me.”

     They both looked at her toes as she flexed her ankles in a most provocative manner. Slowly she lifted that leg high over his head turning to face him. Now that she was straddling him, he definitely wasn’t looking at her ankles any more.

“Give me your comb Mr. Sams your hair is a mess.”

   Gary quickly shifted to get at his back pocket then held on to her narrow waist as she played hairstylist. She was enjoying herself and memorizing every detail on his face. Although she looked everywhere except directly in his eyes, his were fixated on hers.

      She could tell he was trying to figure out what she was thinking so she asked,

“When we stop tonight, can we stay someplace….quieter?”


“Well, someplace not so….rich and can we eat at McDonalds?”

Faith ran her finger down along his nose making him grin,

“Sure I love places like that, I was trying to impress you and besides aren’t you kinda use to this lifestyle?

“No, we had money because my daddy worked hard and when he sold the business we had it really easy. I just like to be….an everyday person. Don’t get me wrong I love champagne but I also love beer in a bottle, chips an salsa too.”

“Oh baby don’t stop you’re making me hot.”

They gathered their things and headed down to check out.

Gary winked, “By the way, I love your shoes, they wouldn’t be my first choice on the Hog but they do get my motor running.”

     As they cleared town Faith looked totally comfortable on the back of his motorcycle. Leaning on the backrest with her ear-buds in, she had the music on listening to rock-n-roll as Gary punched it down the road. She wrapped her legs around his waist, she squeezed.  He only kept one hand on the controls, he patted and massaged her legs through her tight jeans.

     This form of touching was a different kind of communication, one without specific words, the rhythm and speed his fingers moved told her, ‘I love being with you’ or I wish this could go on forever. There were even questions like, ‘did you see that’ or apologies for hitting a rough spot in the road. Faith quickly learned this language and answered him by tucking her hands up under his jacket, drumming her fingers on his back or playful pinches. She even let him know what kind of song she was listening to even though he couldn’t hear it, a fast hard rock song or a gentle smooth love song each had a rhythm. 

     For more fun, Gary let his fingers wonder up her leg from time to time trying to see how far they could go before she mounted a counter attack repelling the enemy forces. All this helped to tune them into each other. Stopping at a rest stop, they wanted to see the valley from the over-look but the trail was moderately rocky. Without a word spoken, Gary stepped off the curb turning his back to her and she jumped on for a playful ride down to the railing.
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