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I've just been promoted to the Site Moderator Team by Nick.   Well, we have been communicating some time before the site was set up and he knows that my reputation and experience are sound and I am there to help others to succeed.

I hope to offer as much as I can to the site and I think that because I am a new to novel writing I can empathise with those who have just started, so I hope in this respect I shall be able to advise and motivate those who lack the confidence to go out there and do some writing.  I have had articles published in recent years connected with the driving industry.

For those of you who wonder who I am and where I am coming from.   I used to be a top Grade 6 driving instructor in the UK and  I used to teach the instructors as well as the learners, owning my own business and so I have qualifications in the training industry. I have had to be supportive to my students in my job over the last 25 years.   I've now retired and finally got around to writing the book I've had on file for a number of years.   I have counselling skills and I am the team leader for the Noord Holland International Friendship Club A non profit making organisation assisting expatriates in Holland which is where I live.    I am presently writing my own book First and Last Outpost for which a publisher has shown interest once it is ready for submission.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like a chat on line or any literary issues which you would like to discuss more privately please contact me on e-mail.  Please always mark your e-mail From a Writers Circle Member 

Keep up the good work everyone.


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Congratulations Lin, Glad Nick chose you to join us. Lord knows we're going to need the help. The last week has seen a veritable deluge of new members. It's great, it's exciting and it's fun.  ;D Aelf