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~11~Dreams of You
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Christmas break gives me time to write, whee haw. This segment is the latestpart of this:

~11~ Dreams of You

     Gary had matched Faith drink for drink but figured his larger stature warded off some of the effects of the alcohol. He was still fairly relaxed as he began to dream. He was dancing a slow dance as the lights dimmed. He noticed he couldn’t hear the music or the people around him but he danced smoothly.

     Glancing down he noticed his partner had red hair. A closer look and it was Linda,

‘I need you to do me one more favor before I go’

     Linda stopped dancing and reached back into the shadows. Faith stepped up beside her and Linda placed Faith’s hand in his. As Linda stepped back into the shadows she blew him a kiss fading, she was smiling. Faith waited until Linda was gone then they started dancing. As she leaned closer he wanted to cry but that feeling slowly faded as Linda did a moment ago and now he could hear the music.

     He woke with a start; the room was still dark and quiet. Some of the light from the street made it into the room but just enough to bathe some of the shapes in a dull grey that faded as quickly as the lights moved away.

     He opened his eyes even wider as he realized Faith was laying on his chest. She was sandwiched between him and the back of the couch. The bedspread was pushed to his waist and she shivered, clinging to him for warmth. Without moving too much he pulled the cover up over both of them and wrapped his arms around her cool body. One of her legs was between his so he slid his free leg over hers as an added blanket.

     She made the tiniest sound that let him know she was more comfortable. Pressing his face into her hair he closed his eyes. Try as he might he couldn’t keep his hand still, it slowly memorized the curves of her back from her panties to her bra. He could stop his exploration for more than a minute but the cooing in his ear triggered him to move again. This urged him to hold her tighter. Soon the rhythm of their breathing danced a slow tango between them. First he breathed in the scent of her body, heating the air with his desires then exhaling it for her before she would give it back to him.

     Opening his eyes again it was morning. Turning his face a little more to look at Faith he noticed she was wide-awake smiling at him.

“How did I get here, I could have sworn you put me into bed last night?”

“I did, I woke up and here you were so I just snuggled.”

“But why are you here in the first place. I thought we decided we were going to be adults and share the bed.”

Gary tried to disguise the slight look of shame for imagining himself doing things to her while she was out cold last night.

“I thought under the circumstances I had better sleep here so I wouldn’t take advantage of you.”

“That didn’t stop you from taking off my dress.”

“Now wait just a minute, you did that not me.”

“I think you’re right I vaguely remember now. But look at you laying on the couch all stud-ly playing with me while you slept. What am I going to do with you?”

     Gary threw off the blanket and tickled her mercilessly. She giggled, snorted and giggled louder because of her snorts. Begging him to stop she really didn’t want him to and tickled him as much as he did her.

     Then it happened without any warning. He was kissing her as her lover and her giggles turned to moans of pleasure as he crushed his lips to hers. She pulled on his arms trying to get even closer to him until he wrapped them around her. She loved the feel of his hot skin on hers.

     Rolling on top of her he stopped he was just about to take this to the next level when he caught a glimpse of fear in her eyes. It was laced with the same hunger she had for him but it was still there.

“Why did you stop?” her hard breathing was slowly gaining control over her emotions.

“Sweetie would you be upset with me if we waited a while longer?”

     She didn’t know why he stopped but she was secretly glad he did because she had never done this with anyone but her bastard husband. Somehow she thought it would end up with her getting knocked around like Jake use to do with her. This confused her because she knew deep in her heart Gary would never hurt her.

     She was trembling but trusted Gary, and there was no way she could get upset with him. He got off the couch and pulled her up at the same time. Kissing her again,

“Can we wait a little longer, Kitten, that way it won’t surprise either of us when we make love.”

     She didn’t answer but her grateful smile told him he was doing the right thing. He swatted her ass as he shooed her off to get cleaned up and ready to go.

   Sitting back down that look of fear she had flashed back in his mind along with visions of her bruises and how they got there, he cursed Jake for it. Under his breath and in his imagination, he told Jake this was his woman now and he had better never meet that son of a bitch in anger. *
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