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~10~Dancing in the Quarter
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~10~ Dancing in the Quarter

   The ringing of the phone interrupted just before their lips touched a second time. Faith playfully scratched her nails on his knee before she jumped up to find out who was calling.

Gary turned on the couch as if he were going to stand, “It’s probably the desk, I asked them to find us a nice quiet place I could take you to dinner.”

“They found us a table at Jackson’s and would like to know it we wanted it.”

“Tell them to give us an hour, no better make it closer to ten so we don’t have to rush.”

    Gary cleaned up quickly and turned the bathroom over to Faith then told her he would meet her in the lounge when she was ready.

     Seated at the bar enjoying a scotch, Gary didn’t even need to turn around when faith came down stairs. The bartenders face lit up, he squared his posture and tried to look taller as he straightened his jacket. The piano player started playing smoother and the businessmen that shared a table across the room fell silent.

    He readied himself for a treat because he had seen the tight little dress she was going to be wearing. When he turned, his breath ran to meet her even before he was able to stand.

     The black velvet hugged her curves like a second skin, the flare of her hips and her tightly bound breasts had every eye in the lounge dancing. The matching stilettos sculpted her legs into a delicious fantasy. The long braid Faith wore earlier added a wavy fullness to her hair now that she freed it.

“Dear God Faith…..” Gary’s words were lost as his face flushed and the hairs on his neck tingled.

     She knew she looked hot but held herself with a shyness that added to her beauty. Gary took both of her hands and lightly kissed her cheek, the sparkle in his eyes told her what his words couldn’t.

     Flaring her eyebrows and the faint purring sound she made told him she was proud to be seen on his arm for the evening. Every guy in the place hated Gary at that moment but toasted them as they walked out to the carriage he had waiting. Faith beamed at the way Gary treated her. Holding onto his thick arm made her feel like his queen as they rode in the open horse drawn carriage. Her dress pulled up slightly when she sat and Gary rested his hand on her knees to guard her honor in case the driver turned to look back.
     Gary desperately tried to think of their surroundings as the little devil in his head was throwing her on his bed and shredding her dress to get at her delights.

     Faith’s own fantasies swooned as her panther claws lightly traced his arm. She bit her lip, positive he knew what she was thinking every time their eyes met, and this made her blush for being so brazen. In her mind, he pinned her to the wall in their room while his lips searched for things she had safely hidden.

     In the restraint, the music the band played had everyone in a festive mood. Even though Faith was seated, her spirits were on the dance floor while they waited for dinner.

     After dinner, Gary took her dancing. Someone would award one of the couples with a plastic necklace for their part in entertaining the rest of the club with their moves. Faith soon collected close to a dozen strings of beads. She gave Gary some of the beads as it appeared to be part of the uniform of the partygoers. The heat from dancing drove them outside a few times to catch their breath.

     Faith was having the time of her life, the sights and sounds of the quarter were much better in person than she thought they would be. Gary bought her a small bouquet of summer flowers, choosing two or three for her to wear in her hair. Not to be outdone she sprinkled some of the tiny petals in his hair as they kissed. Gary smiled as he trickled sunflower petals on her damp neck and cleavage.

     As they walked in the direction of their hotel, they found several clubs to dance in while sharing more of the cheer. Finally it was decided they should go back to the room as Faith was feeling light headed.

     The high heels that made her legs look so good earlier were now going to cause her an embarrassing fall so Gary unbuckled the ankle straps for her when they got into a taxi. Arriving at the hotel, she composed herself as best she could while he paid the driver.

“Are you going to make it to the room doll?”

“Yes just don’t go to fast.”

   Gary chuckled and agreed to hold on tight as the doorman greeted them with a knowing smile. Once they were in the elevator, she was able to steady herself with the railing at the back. Faith wasn’t drunk but the last two drinks hadn’t caught up with her yet so they called it a night at the perfect time.

     Once inside their room Faith lifted her hair asking Gary to help her with the zipper as she left her coordination at the party. She went to the bathroom but didn’t close the door all the way, so she could talk to him while he turned down the bed for her. She came back carrying her dress wearing only her bra, panties and the many necklaces she was given.

     Gary knew the drink had made her brave so he acted as if it were normal as he tucked her in bed. She kissed him several times thanking him for a wonderful evening as he took off her beads. He handed her one of the flowers that came out of her hair and she was asleep before he could say goodnight.

     Smiling at his beautiful friend, he leaned over and kissed her once more as he grabbed the pillow from the other side of the bed. He took the pillow and the bedspread to the couch. Recounting all the fun they had that night as he took his turn in the bathroom.  Turning off all the lights, he removed his shoes and shirt, Gary chuckled as he listened to Faith try and sing one of the songs in her sleep.
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