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Xunantunich Has "The Clue" (attachment, 4500 words)
« on: December 11, 2008, 09:58:19 PM »
This is the second draft, Chapter 6 of my novel Curse of the Black Jaguar.

The main character is the late-twenties doctor, Xiuhsana Zamora [pronounced She-oo-sana], chief veterinarian for the San Diego Zoo, California.  Her fiancÚ is the late-thirties professor, Joaquin Sandoval, the "History Freak" at San Diego State University.

Xiuhsana discovers that she is a descendant of an ancient Mayan princess (Toucan Moon) who put the curse of "Tenoch" on a black jaguar.  In modern times, when a black jaguar is mysteriously delivered to the San Diego Zoo, Xiuhsana thinks that it is the cursed "Tenoch" and persuades Sandoval to help her illegally return the big cat to the Belize Zoo. 

In the process, Xiuhsana learns that only she can un-curse "Tenoch," and the clue to the un-cursing incantation is somewhere in Belize, in the Mayan temple Xunantunich.

Chapter 6 is where they find the clue.

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